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Pit Your Wits ‘19: Epilogue

So who is the 2019 Pit Your Wits Champion?

MLS: Toronto FC at New England Revolution Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

The prompts are finished.

The votes are counted.

We have a champion.

Despite a grassroots campaign combined with allegations of vote fixing (glares at NikT), there was a run away winner. Getting 65% of the vote...

Suroeste is your champion!!!!!!

A huge round of applause both to him, as well as TylerO for his hilarious second half performance. It’s been a pleasure reading both of your entries all season and I look forward to your rematch next year!

This seems to be as good a place as any for my end of season farewells. I probably have a couple more weeks of Snake Bytes to come, but this is my last original column of the season. This wraps up my fourth season of PYW’s, and I can’t imagine ever stepping away from it at this point. I have such a blast bringing this to you every week. I’m sure I will walk away eventually, but as long as Jim doesn’t revoke my writer’s privileges, I don’t think it will be any time soon.

Thanks you guys for taking the time every week to participate in these ridiculous contests every week. I know some of them were busts, they’re bound to be a couple, but every week you all at least tried to work with what I posted. If you guys didn’t do that, Jim wouldn’t let me take up the precious space.

Thank you, Jim, as always, for giving me the keys to this castle, letting me do whatever the hell I want, and then paying me to do it. Whenever I tell someone I write for the biggest Diamondbacks fan site on the internet, I always get the feeling that they have the impression that I write about the Diamondbacks waaaaaaaay more than I actually do. Jim let’s me have fun with his site, and hopefully bring a little bit of joy into your lives while occasionally writing about the team that I love, and I can’t thank him enough for it. And hey! I actually posted every single one of my articles this season. There’s a first for everything!

I guess all that’s left to say is don’t touch that dial! Every offseason, we always have plenty of content to keep you occupied while you’re staring out the window and waiting for spring. While I’m pretty confident in saying that this year won’t be quite as exciting as last offseason, we’ll still have coverage of the Winter Meetings, Free Agency, and any trades that do happen. Don’t tell anyone, but I also hear that our traditional rating of the individual players will also be making a return, and that’s always a treat.

Enjoy the playoffs! Go Goldschmidt, Go Greinke! And I will see you all next season!