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Snake Bytes 10/26: Houston Spoils Homecoming

The Houston Astros won their first game of the World Series, taking Game 3, the first World Series game to be played in Washington since the 1930s.

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2019 World Series Game 3 - Houston Astros v. Washington Nationals Photo by Adam Glanzman/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Houston 4, Washington 1

Both teams squandered numerous opportunities to score in this one. Zack Greinke once again spent the game with tons of traffic on the bases, but the Nationals were unable to push anyone across. Meanwhile, the Astros managed some single tallies in four separate innings.

Greinke’s Curve Silences Nationals

As covered by Jack Sommers here at the Pit, and then demonstrated in games one and two of the series, the Nationals are quite adept at handling powerpitchers. That distinction did nothing for them against Zack Greinke, the wiley pitcher with an 89 mph fastball and an 89 mph change. The pitch that was really on display though, was Greinke’s upper-60s curve. The big looper locked up a number of batter and had others flailing away at a pitch they had no chance of doing anything with. Despite pitching with heavy traffic on the bases all night, Greinke was always only one curve away from changing the narrative.

Houston’s Timely Hitting Returns

Though the Astros failed to bury the Nationals with a big inning, Houston’s offense came through with numerous timely hits, allowing them to score in four different innings.

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