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Meme Thursday: And there was much rejoicing in the land

I trust edbigghead will not mind if I hijack his baby on this day of celebnation.

It’s not just us who were delighted by the heroic actions of so many former Diamondbacks last night. This week’s FanPulse question was “What National; League team did you most want to lose?” and across all of baseball, there was a clear majority in favor of a certain team from Los Angeles.

Needless to say, there was an immense amount of satisfaction in the Nationals’ triumph

Not least that the narrative of Clayton Kershaw in the post-season was enhanced, by the home-runs he allowed on back-to-back pitches. His post-season ERA is now 4.43, almost two full runs worse than his regular season figure (2.44).

As Clefo put it on Twittrer, “Kershaw melting down in the postseason? Folks...”

Another member of the Dodgers was also responsible for the most-liked Tweet in the history of the SnakePit account, with over 500 likes.

Pollock’s “heel turn” as far as D-backs’ fans are concerned is quite fascinating. I was amused to note that he had more K’s this series than David Eckstein had in his entire post-season career, covering 45 games and 200 PA. The rapid exit from the park of Dodger fans after Howie’s grand-slam did not go unnoticed:

And it was all the sweeter because of the smug assumption in certain quarters that the Dodgers were fated - nay, DESTINED - for another World Series

I guess Rockies fans are too busy wallowing in their own misery to join us. :) But not all snark on Twitter was directed at the Dodgers.

Yes. Today is a GOOD day. Feel free to join in. I’ll leave you with this.

Yes, the majority of the world’s population were born since the last time the Dodgers won the World Series.