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Arizona Diamondbacks announce 2019 player development staff

The Arizona Diamondbacks named the organization’s 2019 Player Development staff, including new managers with all nine D-backs’ affiliates.

Philadelphia Phillies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

In 2019, the D-backs will be in their 11th season with the Triple-A Reno Aces, third with the Double-A Jackson Generals, 13th with the Single-A Advanced Visalia Rawhide, fifth with Single-A Kane County Cougars, seventh with the Short-Season A Hillsboro Hops, 21st with the Rookie-Advanced Missoula Osprey, ninth with the Rookie Arizona League (AZL) D-backs and 24th with the Dominican Summer League (DSL) D-backs. Notable changes include:

  • Coordinators: Joe Mather will be in his first season as field & hitting coordinator…Jonny Gomes will be in his first season as the outfield/baserunning coordinator…Gil Heredia will be in his first season as the Short-Season pitching coordinator…Mark Reed will be in his first season as rehab & catching coach.
  • Triple-A Reno: Chris Cron will be in his first season as manager of the Aces after spending the last 5 seasons (2014-18) as the organization’s Minor League hitting coordinator…Jeff Bajenaru (pitching) joins the staff and Greg Gross, who was the manager for Reno for the last 2 seasons (2017-18), will serve as a coach.
  • Double-A Jackson: Blake Lalli will be in his first season as manager of the Generals…Rick Short (hitting) and Jorge Cortés (coach) will join the staff, while Doug Drabek will return for his fourth consecutive season as the Double-A pitching coach.
  • Single-A Advanced Visalia: Shawn Roof will be in his first season as manager of the Rawhide…Shane Loux (pitching), Travis Denker (hitting) and Nick Evans (coach) join the staff.
  • Single-A Kane County: Vince Harrison will be in his first season as Manager of the Cougars…Mike Parrott (pitching), Micah Franklin (hitting) and Carlos Mesa (coach) will serve on the staff.
  • Short-Season A Hillsboro: Javier Colina will be in his first season as manager of the Hops…Barry Enright (pitching), Franklin Stubbs (hitting) and Hatuey “Chuy” Mendoza (coach) join the staff.
  • Rookie-Advanced Missoula: Juan Francia will be in his first season as manager of the Osprey…Manny García (pitching) and KC Judge (hitting) will join the staff and Mike Benjamin, who was the manager in 2018, will serve as a coach.
  • Rookie AZL D-backs: Wellington Cepeda will be in his first season as manager of the AZL D-backs…Rich Sauveur (pitching), José Amado (hitting) will join the staff, and Darrin Garner, who was the manager in 2018, will serve as a coach.
  • Rookie DSL D-backs: Ronald Ramírez and Jaime Del Valle will manage the 2 DSL affiliates.

The complete D-backs’ Player Development staff follows. The first number in brackets is their consecutive years with the current title; the second is consecutive years with the D-backs.

2019 D-backs player development staff

Position Name . . .
Position Name . . .
Vice President, Player Development Mike Bell (3rd/12th)
Asst Director, Player Development Josh Barfield (2nd/5th)
Sr Manager, Player Development Shawn Marette (4th/5th)
Assistant, Player Development Peter Bransfield (2nd /3rd)
Field/Hitting Coordinator Joe Mather (1st/5th) Medical Administrator Jon Herzner (3rd/5th)
Infield Coordinator Gil Velazquez (3rd/3rd) Complex Coordinator Bob Bensinger (19th/19th)
Pitching Coordinator Dan Carlson (6th/17th) Clubhouse Assistant Mike Young (5th/9th)
Short-Season Pitching Coordinator Gil Heredia (1st/11th) Clubhouse Assistant James Cameron (19th/19th)
Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator Jonny Gomes (1st/2nd) Video Coordinator Cory Swope (2nd/4th)
Player Development Asst. Orlando Hudson (4th/4th) Assistant Video Coordinator Jason Gallagher (2nd/4th)
Medical Coordinator Ryne Eubanks (1st/6th) Hillsboro Consultant Ben Petrick (7th/7th)
Assistant Medical Coordinator Max Esposito (1st/3rd) Player Mentor Daniel Bard (2nd/2nd)
Rehab Pitching Coordinator Brad Arnsberg (7th/7th) Mental Skills Coordinator Zach Brandon (1st/1st)
Rehab and Catching Coach Mark Reed (1st/7th) Mental Skills Coach Charlie Jauss (1st/1st)
Strength Coordinator Vaughn Robinson (7th/13th) Interpreter Keijiro “K” Kitashiro (4th/4th)
Full-Season Triple-A Reno Aces Double-A Jackson Generals Single-A Advanced Visalia Rawhide Single-A Kane County Cougars
Manager Chris Cron (1st/6th) Blake Lalli (1st/2nd) Shawn Roof (1st/4th) Vince Harrison (1st/6th)
Pitching Coach Jeff Bajenaru (1st/9th) Doug Drabek (4th/10th) Shane Loux (1st/3rd) Mike Parrott (1st/23rd)
Hitting Coach Jason Camilli (2nd/8th) Rick Short (1st/10th) Travis Denker (1st/2nd) Micah Franklin (1st/3rd)
Coach Greg Gross (1st/7th) Jorge Cortés (1st/4th) Nick Evans (1st/1st) Carlos Mesa (2nd/3rd)
Trainer Paul Porter (2nd/7th) Joe Rosauer (2nd/4th) Michael Powell (1st/3rd) Kelly Boyce (2nd/4th)
Strength/Cond. Steven Candelaria (3rd/6th) Mike Locasto (3rd/4th) Derek Somerville (3rd/3rd) Tim Queck (2nd/3rd)
Short-Season Short-Season A Hillsboro Hops Rookie-Advanced Missoula Osprey Rookie-Level Arizona League D-backs
Manager Javier Colina (1st/6th) Juan Francia (1st/4th) Wellington Cepeda (1st/16th)
Pitching Coach Barry Enright (1st/1st) Manny García (1st/13th) Rich Sauveur (1st/4th)
Hitting Coach Franklin Stubbs (1st/4th) KC Judge (1st/1st) José Amado (1st/4th)
Coach Hatuey Mendoza (1st/13th) Mike Benjamin (1st/5th) Darrin Garner (1st/4th)
Trainer Damon Reel (1st/2nd) Daniel Fifer (1st/1st) Chris Schepel (1st/5th)
Strength/Cond. Derek Clovis (2nd/2nd) Nathan Friedman (2nd/2nd) Logan Jones (2nd/2nd)
Short-Season DSL Boca Chica D-backs
DSL Coordinator Rolando Arnedo (3rd/7th)
Field Manager Ronald Ramírez (1st/2nd)
Field Manager Jaime Del Valle (1st/2nd)
Pitching Coach José Tapia (17th/17th)
Pitching Coach Alvin Alcántara (2nd/2nd)
Catching Coach Juan Ballara (2nd/22nd)
Hitting Coach Izzy Alcántara (3rd/3rd)
Infield/Hitting Coach Rafael Ozuna (1st/2nd)
Outfield/Baserunning Coach Gregorio Ramírez (3rd/22nd)
Latin American Medical Coordinator Spencer Ryan (2nd/4th)
Athletic Trainer Carlos Pérez (8th/8th)
Athletic Trainer Adam Brewer (2nd/2nd)
Assistant Trainer Mario del Rosario (3rd/3rd)
Strength and Conditioning Coach Edgar Soto (9th/9th)
Asst Strength/Conditioning Santo Henriquez (3rd/3rd)
Administrative & Video Assistant José Díaz (22nd/22nd)
Ass, Latin American Baseball Ops Mariana Patraca (2nd/4th)