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The Goldschmidt Tribute Week: The Cult of Goldy.

Valor pleases you, Goldy.

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We would have followed him through the mists of Avalon.

Between the time when the Doyers last won the Series, and before the rise of the Sons of LaRusa, there was a time undreamed of. And onto this, Goldy, destined to wear the jeweled crown of Arizona upon a troubled brow. It is I, his chronicler and Brute enforcer, who can tell thee of his saga. Let me tell you of days of high adventure...

The above is exactly how most, if not all, fans of Paul Goldschmidt would describe the glory that was Arizona Diamondback Paul Goldschmidt. With unwavering enthusiasm not just for his on field performance but also for his charitable giving and compassionate, humble nature. Paul Goldschmidt was a deity to Arizona sports fans.

Goldy for everything.

He was the way, the truth and the light. From his humble beginnings as the 246th overall pick in 2009, to his transcendent performance in the 2011 NLDS, culminating in 2018 where he resurrected his season from early oblivion. We all fell in rapture as he repeatedly devoured Lincecum’s soul each and ever time they face. We all spoke in tongues as Goldy made peerless play after peerless play manning 1st. We all gazed at the revelation that was, and still is, a Goldy home run.

Goldy was our God for so long, as Arizona Sports fans. Sure you have heard of Shane Doan and Larry Fitzgerald but Goldy created those two in his own image, and from some ribs he found on the ground outside of Famous Dave’s. A true disciple and believer, Mark Grace even labeled Goldy as “Jesus Christ in a baseball uniform.” These are undisputed facts. The team shop was 51% Goldy merchandise and 49% all those other guy’s names and numbers. The fans, young and old, rushed for Goldy’s autograph, team shop apparel and jerseys, so that Goldy may know our love and devotion for all things through his swag. When his holy name was announced in the line-up the ever quiet local crowd would instantly cheer and applaud our great savior. I recall many instances at Chase field when the local crowd would erupt into applause and chants of “MVP, MVP, MVP!!!”, we most certainly sung our praises on high for our Lord Goldy.

His way and light shun even upon his competitors, Arenado once said. “Because ....... he’s an All-Star, so he’s special, and not too many guys can do the things that he does.” After being voted in to the 2016 All Star Game by his peers (children) Goldy continued to draw the ever-lasting love of his flock. “He just understands what he can do with the bat in the zone and he has power to all fields,” Scherzer said. ”So you’ve got to bring your ‘A’ game if you face him, and pray to him that he shows mercy upon you".

With Goldy the Arizona Diamondbacks and fans always had something tangible. America’s 1st baseman. As fans we could go on and on about Goldy’s greatness anytime the conversation turned to baseball no matter how good or terribly bad the D-back’s were at the time. Women wanted to be with Goldy, and Men wanted to be Goldy. Let’s not forget the one opposing player in the league even went as far as to try and look just like Goldy. Blasphemer. False Idol.

What the hell, bro?

When the news broke on December 6th 2018 that Paul Goldscmidt would no longer be wearing Sedona red, but instead a new red............Cardinal red, thousands of cult members threw themselves from the peaks of various Phoenix Mountains or tall buildings. The fans who survived Goldschmidt’s unexpected departure continue to look for a new Lord Emperor, an effort that may be in vain. Arizona Sports franchises are now facing a personality cult power-vacuum that will only grow (slightly) larger once Fitzgerald retires for the 3rd time. With Goldy gone who will we turn to for guidance? Who will we give our faith to and follow in dark times? Who will the Diamondback’s new franchise player be?