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Pit Your Wits ‘18: Week 21


Saracens v Exeter Chiefs - Aviva Premiership Final Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

Well last week, I asked you to come up with one thing that Tony Clark’s MLBPA negotiating team should demand in the next CBA. It wasn’t the most popular prompt I’ve ever done, but we did get three entries to put on the podium, and one of them was even turned red! In first place...

Unfortunately, that isn’t how recs work, so they will still be credited to Makakilo. Sorry DC...

Definitely one we can all get behind, I think...

Might be the first time someone has made the podium with only one rec. Lets see how it impacts the standings


Contestant Score
Contestant Score
smartplays 21
MrMrrbi 20
AzDbacksFanInDc 13
TylerO 10
Rockkstarr12 9
hotclaws 8
Michael McDermott 8
suroeste 8
Keegan Thompson 7
Makakilo 5
onedotfive 5
TusconTim 5
AzRattler 4
edbigghead 4

This past week, many, many people have chimed in on the state of the Diamondbacks and their chances to make the playoffs. What I want you to do is write a hot take in the style of one of those talking heads on ESPN and FS1. The more caps the better! Go!