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Letters to Clefo: September Edition

Another Mailbag column! Wheeeeee

Deutsche Post Deliver Via Canoe In The Spreewald Canals Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

It’s that time where I turn your tweets and facebook comments into content via the “Mailbag” concept.

Man, in the grand scheme of things, we ain’t got it that bad. Unlike other 1998 Expansion Teams, the Diamondbacks haven’t traded away every single contract that’s going to make more than $20 in 2019, only to be unexpectedly better than anticipated but have no actual chance of making the playoffs.The D-Backs are still alive in the playoff race, have had a pretty good competitive stretch the past two years. It’s not totally hopeless.

Just, you know, manage the bullpen better and actually use your expanded rosters for good and and and and...

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Charlie wrote this answer before the conclusion of last night’s game. How does he feel now? Ehhh?)

According to a quick google search, the angle of the sun over the Earth during summer months is 23.5 degrees, so that. I’m not sure what the exit velocity you need for that is, but it’s probably... a lot? At least 80 MPH?

Esky or Lamb? Free agency and arbitration aside. Who do you like more and, of the two who would you like to see starting 3rd base for the D-backs in 2019? - The Brute Squad on Facebook

I just want to preface this question that because of the things I’m going to have to put aside listed: It’s going to be Lamb next year, health permitting. In today’s MLB economy, a player that hasn’t hit Free Agency yet will always get preference over one in FA just because of cost. So, like, it’s gonna be Lamb, full stop.

That being said, I do like Escobar’s position flexibility and actual ability to hit lefties, I think he’ll get a nice and deserved payday from somebody in the winter. Then again, if Lamb find some of his first half of 2017 form, it’s not that bad of a drop-off.

Why are the Diamondbacks losing in such a consistent way? - Ernie on Facebook

I assume this questions (which I did truncate since it had some further conjecture) means the way the Diamondbacks are losing is consistent. At least, through this month and in May it was: No offense, so less margin for error on a generally good bullpen. Of course, the decision to have Archie face Matt Kemp again on Sunday might have been season-defining. When your margin for error is that little due to lack of offense, but you still have a chance to win, you have to nail every managing decision. Those... aren’t always gonna work out, even in the best of times.

In conclusion: I blame society.

If the question is “Can the Diamondbacks throw a guy out there to find another arm to see if they can help in a pennant race and put less usage on the usual bullpen arms and/or audition for 2019 and beyond?” then yes.

Also, let’s appreciate some more the fact that Yoan Lopez is even in the majors right now. That seemed really unlikely just two years ago. The pressures of defecting, and being a highly-paid international prospect, aren’t easy to handle, and people are fallible. I’m rooting for him, whatever happens.

If I’m Mike Hazen, I make sure that I get Ken Kendrick to call all his other owner buddies and make sure the Free Agent market is conveniently depressed again because that’s the only way you’re re-signing either or both of Corbin/Pollock.

Ha ha. I am just joking. Of course owners wouldn’t be stupid enough to collude with each other to depress player salaries... again.

I’d definitely make an effort to try to re-sign both of those guys. The Diamondbacks, like literally every other MLB team, probably could put more money into player payroll, but just don’t. If Corbin gets a good offer from another team, he’s probably gone since he seems to be the best starter on the market. Pollock might be interesting. He hasn’t had a season where he hasn’t missed significant time due to injury in about three years. Teams will pay for health, so he might scare some teams off from throwing money at him. The Diamondbacks may have an incumbency advantage. I talked to someone on twitter a little bit ago who seems to think that Pollock might get a Jake Arietta in Philadelphia type deal with someone, and something about that rings true to me.

I definitely wouldn’t think about blowing things up til after 2019, when Goldy’s contract expires. If Corbin/Pollock leave, I might see if I can find some guys on shorter deals (Adam Jones or Brett Gardner could be interesting Pollock replacements. Charlie Morton or Gio Gonzalez could be possible targets) If the team struggles in 2019, then blow the damn thing up.


They make it to the World Series against the Red Sox. They make it to Game 7 at Fenway. It’s the top of the 9th with the bases loaded and one out. Steven Souza hits into a double play to end the inning cause he’s called out for doing a takeout slide into first base. J.D. Martinez hits a Home Run on the first pitch in the Bottom of the 9th to win it all.

It’s got heartbreak AND former Diamondback/their replacement pathos.

Is there a pitch from Archie Bradley that people do like?

Also: if the thing that keeps you from the playoffs is the performance of one reliever, you had a whooooooooooole lot of problems that led to that.

J.D. Martinez.