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Snake Bytes 9/6: Kinda quiet.

With a day off yesterday the D-backs had time to rest and we had time to reset.

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Much loyal. Very game plan.
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Searching for D-backs news of any kind this morning has been futile. I see Jim’s recent offensive article pop up on the google but nothing more than that really.

Around MLB:

Each team’s biggest dilemma of the upcoming offseason.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are just months away from watching Patrick Corbin, A.J. Pollock, Eduardo Escobar and other important pieces enter the free-agent market. Meanwhile, they’re also just a little over a year from watching Paul Goldschmidt do the same. No thanks to Zack Greinke’s massive contract and Yasmany Tomas’ dead money, the D-backs probably can’t hope to re-sign their biggest free agents and extend Goldschmidt this winter. They’ll have to pick their battles.

And Noah Syndergaard says:

I used to like this guy. But now, not so much. Not only is the wave unacceptable but Dodger stadium is the pit of the unclean. Blasphemers and heretics of all kinds thrive off of the wave. It is impure. The wave is what’s wrong with baseball. Shame on you, Noah.

Tommy John surgery for Shohei Ohtani.

The next time we’ll see him on the mound is spring training, 2020.

Breaking down some of the tightest races ever.

If the Diamondbacks survive their brutal finishing schedule and get into the playoffs, Goldschmidt will almost certainly be at the center of it. He’s the leading position player now by the Awards Index, largely because of his clutch hitting. He’s finished in the top three of MVP voting three times, so that could play into it as well. However, if Goldy and Arizona fade, it’s a free-for-all.

The Lord Emperor

Off Topic Snake Story:

When it rains, SNAKE BYTES soar.

“If you encounter a rattlesnake,” Phillips said, “don’t pick a fight with it, and it won’t pick a fight with you.”