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Torey Lovullo discusses the Arizona Diamondbacks bullpen

Bradley’s cutter, Hirano’s leverage, Andriese’s length and more

New York Mets v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

We have been discussing the Arizona bullpen all over the site in recent days and weeks. Sean wrote an article today about Andrew Chafin, and whether his role might be elevated. I wrote the other day about Yoshi Hirano and whether he might flip flop with Archie in his role. James has been pushing for Archie to re introduce the cutter. People have been wondering what is up with Matt Andriese and how he will be used. Torey addressed all of these issues, either directly or indirectly.

Below is the video of Torey from Fox Sports Arizona’s Facebook page; here are some key points and timestamps - note, the video counts down backwards!

  • Matt Andriese (11:50-11:00) is not going to be used as a “Starter” a la Tampa Bay. He may see mid game innings, and will share the role of “Long Man” with Matt Koch. That will allow Torey to use TJ McFarland in more matchup and leverage situations. Freeing TJ up to give the team a 3rd lefty to match up with is the goal here.
  • Archie Bradley’s cutter (10:22-9:05). I was able to ask this question on James’s behalf. It’s something they have been discussing and we might see again. He mentions the use of the 2 seamer that was tried, and that they don’t want to get away from Archie’s strengths. Listen for yourself, but I kinda got the feeling they discussed it, but are not leaning towards it.
  • Yoshi Hirano (7:41-4:38). Don’t expect any changes to how the “big three” of Hirano, Bradley, and Boxberger are deployed in the 7th, 8th & 9th innings. He may play a card here and there as we have seen but he’s sticking with the back end as is. He goes on to discuss Yoshi’s demeanor at length and emphasize how he is “battle tested”.

I did not work in a question about whether Chafin would get longer or more high leverage roles. It was obvious from the comments on wanting three matchup lefties, as well as the above point about no change to the back end roles, that he will continue to use Chafin exactly as he has been.

Torey Lovullo’s pregame press conference ahead of Game 2 against the Padres.

Posted by FOX Sports Arizona on Tuesday, September 4, 2018