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Preview, #138: 9/3 vs. Padres

If this game ended in another 3-2 loss, there’d be a risk something - or someone - would go through the TV set. So instead, I’m taking a step back.

Amazon Announces Set Top Video Device Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Today's Lineups

Freddy Galvis - SS Jon Jay - CF
Luis Urias - 2B Eduardo Escobar - 3B
Hunter Renfroe - LF Paul Goldschmidt - 1B
Eric Hosmer - 1B David Peralta - LF
Wil Myers - 3B Steven Souza - RF
Franmil Reyes - RF Daniel Descalso - 2B
Austin Hedges - C Nick Ahmed - SS
Manuel Margot - CF Alex Avila - C
Bryan Mitchell - RHP Zack Godley - RHP

With 24 hours or so having passed since the extremely annoying events of Sunday’s game in Los Angeles, I’ve calmed down again. But, damn, that was such an irritating way to lose, not one, but two games in a row. Brilliant starting pitching and just enough offense, only for Archie Bradley to cough it up to Matt Kemp, when we needed him most. They say each loss only counts as one, but that felt rather bigger. However, there are still twenty-five games left, and plenty of time for further twists and turns in the narrative of the 2018 season. I recall numerous “season over” moments last year, and that ended up all right in the end, didn’t it? Playing on is all we can do.

That said, I’ll be paying the games rather less attention this week, purely for mental health. Regardless of the result, checking in post-game and seeing the final score is simply less stressful than following every pitch, especially when it seems like months since this team had a comfortable lead. [August 22 was the D-backs’ last win that did not involve a save situation, and August 17 was their last “blowout” win by five or more runs. Hell, we haven’t even had tacos in more than a week] Logically, I know I can’t influence the outcome, yet it doesn’t quite feel that way now. But I am going to put the mobile phone away and disconnect for some quality non-baseball time instead.

S’funny how things change, in terms of my passion and interest, and that actively choosing not to follow a D-backs game now seems such a radical concept. As a contrast, back when Arizona clinched the 2007 division title, we went to the movies that night instead, and didn’t know it had happened until the way home, listening the radio [And it was Resident Evil: Extinction we watched too, so not exactly great cinema!] Of course, in those days, your options for game following were much more limited. Now, you can be anywhere and still watch, thanks to Fox Sports Go. So I’m wondering how weird this week will be. Am I gonna feel withdrawal symptoms? I’ll let you know...