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Snake Bytes 9/3: Bullpen Meltdowns

Boxberger couldn’t throw strikes and Bradley still cannot get Kemp out. 3rd place.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

Diamondbacks 2, Dodgers 3

Perhaps it should be Yoshi time in the 9th. The Diamondbacks managed to blow another game against the Dodgers. September is not the right time for that as the D-backs fall to third place in the NL West. Losing games like this late hurts. Losing three games like this against the Dodgers hurts even more. In fairness, the Dodgers have blown their share of late-inning leads lately. Maybe the D-backs needed to make it fair. I don’t know.

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Owings Ready to Help D-backs During Stretch

Chris Owings could use a hot streak. The D-backs could use it too, hopefully he has gotten his game straight in AAA.

NL West and Wild Card Tracker

The D-backs are still right there in the hunt. If they pull it off anthe playoffs, they sure haven’t made it a comfortable ride.

Torey Lovullo Says It Is Still Brad Boxberger

Lovullo has put Boxberger in games after Chafin for the ninth and has now taken him out early in the ninth for Bradley. These are signs that he might not be a closer much longer. Bradley has been very shaky lately. Yoshi might be the only choice. But does it matter? The D-backs need a 7th, 8th, and 9th inning guy. Losing a game can happen any of those innings.

Around MLB

MLB on Pace for Lowest Batting Average Since 1972

MLB hitters are only batting .249 so far. Is it pitching? Focus on extra base hits? The defensive shift? The last could be solved by learning how to bunt. Even if it just means keeping the shift honest.

The Top Pending Free Agent for All 30 Teams

AJ Pollock is listed for the D-backs. Patrick Corbin should have been mentioned as well. Doubtful either will sign and it is doubtful the D-backs can sign someone else on this list. I guess we’ll worry about next season after this one is over.