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Monday Memes 9/3: Fire everything we’ve got!

meme everything!

I know, I know.

Bros. The D-backs fell from 1st to 3rd place the NL West. You are hella pissed-off right now, but you are still hella passionate about the Arizona Diamondbacks. You want the D-backs to win the division and yet you have feelings you wish to express. I hear you. Now is the time to share how you feel. We welcome you to do so, in meme form. Allow me to fire the 1st round of shots, bros!

Probably drives a 2004 Tahoe
Never hold hands with dodger scum
Cube Taco does what cube taco do
Where my Fernando gone?
Searching for answers.
Smell it.

Go forth and express yourself through the hilarity of memes!