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Snake Bytes 9/27: Knock ‘em out!

and now the news.

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MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Arizona Diamondbacks
Despite his offensive struggles, Goldy has a reason to smile.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


Dbacks win knocks Dodgers out of 1st.

Despite their offensive struggles this month, the D-backs were able to string together some big innings. We were witness to SO CRATES’ 1st dong of the season.

Pollock’s potential home farewell deals blow to Dodger’s postseason.

In what might have been his swan song at Chase Field, Diamondbacks outfielder A.J. Pollock displayed the tools that could make him a valuable commodity on the free-agent market this winter.

D-backs News:

Two relievers have brought back optimism to the Dbacks’ bullpen.

The recent stretch of outings from right-handers Yoan Lopez and Jimmie Sherfy have given reasons for the Diamondbacks to get excited about the future of their relievers.

Brenly burns Joe West after delay of game over camera issue.

West was fixated with the positioning of the cameras near the dugouts. West wanted to ensure that all camera lenses were behind the railing and halted the start of the game to make sure of it. The Diamondbacks broadcast did not appreciate the delay.

When frightened, a Joe West will instinctively inflate it’s neck-sack in a warning to all other males to not challenge his territorial dominance.


An early look at Patrick Corbin’s free agency.

Durability no longer appears to be a factor for Corbin, who threw 189 2/3 innings last season and is approaching 200 this year. If there’s a concern with him, it’s whether he can sustain his 2018 level in the years ahead.

Around MLB:

deGrom ends historic 2018 with 1.70 ERA

Comparisons to Gooden and Tom Seaver, at this point, are routine for deGrom, who has risen into their echelon as one of the best pitchers in Mets history.

John Gibbons won’t be back as Blue Jay’s manager.

Probably not a surprise to anyone who follows baseball. Let’s light one up for Mr. Gibbons.

Off Topic Snake News:

Extremely rare two-headed snake found.

Two-headed snakes are extremely rare, especially in the wild, largely because their survival rates are low.

This rare snake represents the twisted and morbid 2018 D-backs’ season.

Who has caused this?