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The Brute Squad Interviews a Cubs Fan.

The D-backs play the Cubs, the Brute Squad questions their fans.

We are Brute

Cubs fans.....they are everywhere. You see them at the grocery store, you see them at work. You see them at Chase Field when the D-backs are NOT EVEN playing the Cubs that game. Cub fans. Everywhere. When I talk to those fans I usually start by asking if they are from Chicago. Now I am not a scientist, but 90% of the time the answer is no. When I press for more information the Cubs fan will typically divulge that someone in their family (usually a Grandparent or Father), “was from Chicago and a lifelong Cubs fan”. Maybe that person still is, who knows. The second highest response is the Cubs fan is from Iowa and grew up watching the Cubs and college football. Strange, I know. The Brute Squad did not want to interview one of these Cubs fans. We wanted more. We found more. We found a Cubs fan who”worked” at Wrigley Field during Cubs games, as a child. We found a fan so ingrained with Chicago blood, so much so, that this fan was an Illinois Nazi. That’s right, a Nazi extra in the feature film “The Blues Brothers”. The Brute Squad sat down with Mike Guilfolye, a lifelong Cubs fan, and asked him the questions that matter.