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Beercap: Sneks 4, Stros 2

After these last few weeks I need a beer or 100

Bar And Beverage Industry Conference Held In Brooklyn
Sweet beverage, please help me forget
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Well. So it’s come to this.

Beer 1: Microburst IPA by Pueblo Vida

A beer by a place named the village of life seems oddly desperate in light of how much we need wins....lots of wins. Not even a damned sip in we do what we always do, score and score early. Up 2-0 in the first and I know right away that I’ve seen this movie before. I also know how it’s ended these last few weeks.

Speaking of predictability, Ray gets knocked around early and we’re promptly tied 2-2. Should have been much worse were it not for a double play after having the bases juiced with no outs.

Beer 2: Bohemia

Shifting gears and locations to get a little food in my system. The TeePee is truly an Arizonan treasure and even though their beer is subpar, it’s comforting and dependable unlike our bullpen of late.

I wish Ray would make up his mind on the kind of pitcher he is: either a strike out king kinda ace or a #4 meh arm. The bottom of the 2nd and 3rd brought the former in to focus. Makes one wonder where this season would be if he was consistent this season.......

That other nagging consistency shows itself in the 4th: offense with a chance that offense can’t capitalize on. A yes, consistency. Such a lovely word.

Ray again plays like it’s 2017 again in the bottom of the frame. Reminds me yet again that good pitching got us far, but we needed so much more to make moments like this inning matter.

Beer 3: Beg for Murky! by Council Brewing Co

Another solid inning by Ray and in the 6th the bats fail yet again and strand yet another Snek. No hit snek....

2-2 going in to the bottom of the 6th. Home now and my lovely GF is making an awesome bean and cheese dip. Wuv. Trve wuv. Sneks like me need comfort food in dark times like this. Also, I better not read in the comments how “we have a chance” or how “there’s so many games left.” Stop it. We pissed away our hopes these last few weeks and it’ll take a miracle to undo that madness.

Archie....doesn’t fuck up. What sorcery is this!??!!!?? Madness! Seriously though I’ve gotten so used to him fucking up so much I found that inning to be shocking to say the least. Going in to the bottom of the 6th and STILL it’s 2-2. Ugghhh

We go to the 7th, and a combination of Goldy things and other things has lead to men on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out and the Freight Train is up to bat.....or he strikes out. Desclucto then fails to live up to his nachnammen yet again and we’re still tied. Again....

Beer 4: Bully Pulpit IPA by Council Brewing Co.

Bully! Indeed! Both are positive exclamations Teddy would likely not use to describe the D-backs as we’re in the bottom of the 7th. Archie is out after getting in trouble his second time up, but blessedly Ziegler keeps things as razor close as they are getting the last out of the inning. A rare occurrence to be sure. Still 2-2 as we flip the page to the 8th.

We. Scored. In the 8th....Someone will surely pull this up, but I’m almost certain that’s only happen in 10% of games this year for us. Jay and Pollock (despite him trying to turn a blooper in to a double) help put us ahead FINALLY. Bottom of the 8th now and it’s 4-2 with LA winning and the Rocks losing. Hope, God how I hate your teasing.

Souza assists two quick outs in the bottom of the 8th. Zieg then turns this into a heart attack kinda game with men on the corners and two outs for Gattis, but that just seems to be the bullpen’s role at this juncture of the season. Blessedly another bullet is dodged and thus my vague traceries of hope endure one more inning. Let us see is these embers can go on........4-2 Dbacks

So it falls to Yoshi here in the bottom of the 9th to defend out honor. Yoshi then besmirches our honor as he walks the first 2 batters. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2018 Dbacks bullpen.

Yoshi does a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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Apollo 11: Jon Jay, +27.1%
Apollo 12: Goldschmidt, +17.9%; Ziegler, +17.4%; Ahmed, +14.6%
Apollo 1: Ketel Marte, -17.5%
Apollo 13: Daniel Descalso, -10.9%

Tonight’s GDT participants were: AZDovs11, AzDbackfanInDc, GuruB, J he, Jack Sommers, Jackwriter, Jim McLennan, Makakilo, MikeMono, MrMrrbi, Rockkstarr12, SedonaRed24, Smurf1000, Umbrella24, dzuch, edbigghead, kilnborn, onedotfive, smartplays and suroeste. Comment of the thread to Jack, who certainly had the best dinner of anyone there!

And so, we win, guaranteeing ourselves at least a split of the season series against the World Series champions. So that’s nice... Not going to say anything more optimistic for now. Tomorrow, it’s Zack Godley starting for the D-backs, with a first pitch at 4:10pm, Arizona time. Can we win two in a row? I’m saying nothing more predictive than “We’ll see...”