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Bullpen? Where Are You?

Another game, another bullpen meltdown. Rockies are next and a chance to salvage this team.

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Atlanta Braves v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Braves 9, Diamondbacks 5

This has gotten ridiculous. The D-backs blew this one in the ninth in spectacular fashion. It is the bullpen that carried this team earlier in the season, but now it is just plain ugly. Was it overuse? Murphy’s law? I hope it is the latter, because we might be ready for a potential bounce back to wrap up the year. Hard to believe, but I’m starting to long for the days of Fernando Rodney.

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Goldy’s MVP Case Bolstered By Advanced Metric

Goldy’s WPA is easily tops in the NL. At this point, a Goldy MVP might be of higher probability than an NL West crown. But they probably go together regardless.

NL West and Wild Card Tracker

The only thing the D-backs have going for them at the moment, is it doesn’t look like the Rockies or Dodgers want the division much more. Games against these teams may decide it.

Arizona Diamondbacks Still Control Their Own Destiny in NL West Race

I’m not convinced by this “control your destiny” nonsense. Sure, if they win out, they will beat up on the Rockies and Dodgers to win the division. This is baseball, let’s get real.

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