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Monday Memes 8/6: First Place in August

We’re in first place in August! Can it last?

It’s August. And we’re still in a tie with the Dodgers for 1st in the West. At this point last season, we were 16 games back of the Dodgers. Being tied with the Dodgers with less than 50 games only improves our odds of winning the division as each day passes. Let’s keep it up!

On the meme front, the r/azdiamondbacks subreddit has been maintaining a running map of Dbacks series victories across the US. For each location we win a series, we get a Snake:

It’s a really cool meme and looks totally badass! Thanks to Hiciao for maintaining it!

And just because I want to, we’ll wrap things up with another Goldy meme:

We’ve got a pretty tough series with the Phillies coming up while the Dodgers are off to face a sneaky good A’s team. Can we maintain our division lead/tie? Let’s meme our way to victory!