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Arizona Diamonbacks 2, San Francisco Giants 3: Sunday (not-so) Funday with Turambar

Fun times abound when you’re in northern Arizona and away from the hellfire of the southern part of the state.

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Alas, all good things must come to an end, which is why I write this having just returned from my jolly romp through the pines.

Now is a time of reflection upon this team I watch, a time to hope they’ll find themselves before this season comes to a close.

Record: 62-51. Pace: 89-73. Change on 2017: -2

Beer 1: Snap! Grackle, Hop! by Borderlands

Fun times up north now segway into a Sunday Funday. Fun fact, the Mead & Cider Fest I attended featured a group of LARPers. I shit you not my friends, I seent it.

So after many ounces of sweet mead it’s good to switch things up a bit with some juicy hoppy goodness. Thus I sit with my glass of hops and watch the first half of the 1st nearly unravel on Ray. Luck and Goldy prevail and Ray is bailed out. No need to keep saying it, but Ray has not been the Ray we love this year at all. We’ll need him to change that, and soon.

No bats for us in the 1st, but at least Ray’s second time through was far less nerve wracking. Sure helps to have the Gigantes make some poor running choices in the 2nd.

Souza. I know I’ve said this to a few Snakepitters, and I’ll say it again; we’ll see him as a hero before this season is through. On that note he neatly deposits a ball into the left field bleachers to lead off the bottom of the 2nd. 1-0 Good Guys.

Sigh, the unsteady hand of Ray rears its ugly head in the third, and after a McCutchen single followed by a walk and another single we’re now tied. We’re lucky as all get out that it was only 1run...... 1-1 going to the bottom of the 3rd.

Beer 2: Double Dry Hopped IPA by Tombstone

No response by us in the 3rd, but that’s fine. Just gives me time to read, relax and enjoy a fine ale. The runs will come in time. All good things in time.

Dr. Jeckle Ray shows his good side in the 4th, but it feels like when that top of the Giants lineup returns that Mr Hyde will hold sway.

Escobar and Goldy hold sway over the Gigantes in the 4th, setting the table for Souza, but my earlier platitudes just aren’t enough and he flies out. Marte though will not be denied his time in the sun as his 1out single puts us back on top. 2-1 Sneks.

Beer 3: Suit-N-TiePA by Arizona Wilderness

Was a fun game and then Ray did bad things yet again in the 6th 2-2. Luckily Yoshi comes in to clean up the mess, with a little help from Morales :).

Holland’s day is done as Goldy comes to bat, gotta hand it to him, pretty solid game, though I feel like we should have put up some serious numbers against him.

Still 2-2 after 6 and it looks like we’re in for the long haul.

Or I’ll stay just long enough to watch Archie give up the lead. 2-3 Giants going in to the bottom of the 8th.

Beer 4: Negro Modelo

Had to change venues to get myself a little afternoon snack. The chips and salsa is amazing, though this game is proving to be increasingly frustrating.

Bases juiced in the 8th after some hard fought at bats and a hit by pitch. Unto this, Marte, destined to wear the jeweled crown of the snek.........all for naught as he flies out. Still 2-3 going in to the 9th.

1-2-3 go the Giants in the 9th, now it’s down to hope for a tie or just a bit more. Soon we’ll know, or soon we’ll mourn.

AJ strikes out to end the 9th and thus we mourn, though hopefully the remainder of this season will bear richer fruit....

The Brute Squad endures through. We shall know victory again soon enough.

Looks like this Sunday Funday Gameday thread generated some 595 comments, which seems kinda small to me, but it’s Sunday so I’ll allow it.


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Asteroid wins comment of the game, with the only Sedona Red one for her perfectly times TWSS, on the topic of Robbie Ray:

Click here for details, at
Mayflower: Paul Goldschmidt, +8.6%
Titanic: Nick Ahmed, -21.5%
Marie Celeste: Jay, -16.5%; Bradley, -14.7%; Marte, -14.1%; Peralta, -14.0%

Win Probability clearly has no memory, with yesterday’s hero Ahmed becoming today’s goat. The loss, along with the Dodgers win, pushes the D-backs back into a tie for first-place in the West. We regroup tomorrow for an important three-game series against the Phillies, with Zack Godley taking the mound in the opener. First pitch is 6:40pm, Arizona time.