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Snake Bytes 8/27: Greinke, Goldy Special

Greinke pitched another great game when the D-backs needed it the most.

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MLB: Seattle Mariners at Arizona Diamondbacks Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

A Snake Bytes that is a bit tardy and a bit hasty, but still happening.

Diamondbacks 5, Mariners 2

Goldy continues to make his case for an MVP season despite a dreadful April and May. Greinke continues to pitch the type of game the D-backs need when they scuffle for a bit. Zack’s record improves to 13-8. He’s still below a .600 win percentage this year, but considering he hasn’t ended a season below that since his days in KC, I would expect a nice little win streak coming up after a few tough losses.

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D-backs Farm Rumblings: Missing Hats and Zac(k) Attacks

In the minors, sometimes you don’t have a hat to wear. Tape and a magic marker can fix it though, just like most things.

The Most Overlooked Player on Each team

If you guessed Daniel Descalso, you’d be right. He’s had exactly the type of year you would hope for the utility man. Bringing him back for this year was a bit controversial, but Hazen seems to be smarter than most of us.

Around MLB

MLB Manager Salaries: Torey Lovullo Among Lowest Paid in Baseball

It is not surprising that Lovullo is 25th on list of manager salaries. Hard to believe that he makes less money than Greinke makes in a week considering how important Torey has been to the team. Even more surprising, is the Alex Cora of the Red Sox makes even less.

The Most Important Thing About Clutch

A fangraph article about clutch performances. Is being “clutch” real? Always an interesting question. But the Dodgers appear the least clutch team this year. The D-backs are right in the middle. Sounds about right.

MLB Power Rankings: Rockies Climb

On this list, the Cubs are the only NL team in the top six. The Braves, Cardinals, D-backs, and Rockies follow those teams up with the Dodgers continue to drop. I’ve been checking the standings each day like most D-backs fans and I still continue to care more about the lead of the Dodgers, but the Rockies are right there too and the season is starting to get late.