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Pit You Wits ‘18: Week 20

Must... Have... Content!

Connecticut Open Presented by United Technologies - Day 6 Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Who has two thumbs and forgot to write PYW’s until 25 minutes before he needs to leave for work? This guy! Anyway, last week, I asked you to caption this picture of Nick Ahmed arguing balls and strikes with an umpire. Lots of entries, but not many rec’s, as only the first place entry turned red. And in first place, AzRattler!

In second place, just missing out on being a Sedona Red comment, onedotfive!

And rounding out the podium with a caption that’s another picture entirely...

Rare occurance where all three winners are new additions to the leaderboard. Because of that, no change at the top of the standings, but still plenty of time to shake things up there.


Contestant Score
Contestant Score
smartplays 21
MrMrrbi 20
AzDbacksFanInDc 13
TylerO 10
Rockkstarr12 9
hotclaws 8
Michael McDermott 8
suroeste 8
Keegan Thompson 7
Makakilo 5
onedotfive 5
TusconTim 5
AzRattler 4
edbigghead 4

This week, the inspiration for our prompt comes from Charlie’s article the other day about the player’s walk up music. If you had the power to change one player’s walkup music, who would it be, and what song would you chose? Go!