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Snake Bytes 8/23: Records Kept.

And now the news.

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Goldy smashes records.
Speak of the Goldy and he shall appear.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images


Paul (The Lord Emperor) Goldschmidt tops D-backs record for most HRs at Chase Field.

To no surprise, Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt now holds another franchise record. For the LORD Goldy is a sun and a shield; the LORD Goldy gives graceful defense and offensive glory; Goldy withholds no good thing from those fans who walk with integrity. Haren 84:11

Clay Buchholz remains sharp as D-backs win again.

Buchholz said the scouting reports he receives from pitching strategist Dan Haren, coupled with his catchers’ ability to improvise within a game, are a couple of under-the-radar reasons why he’s been able to dominate over 80 innings this season with the Diamondbacks, for whom he has posted a sparkling 2.25 ERA.


Bickley: D-backs’ BRUTAL closing stretch needs energetic support from fanbase.

While television ratings are robust and reflect a healthy franchise, they are irrelevant to those in uniform. Couch dwellers can’t fill a stadium with energy or fuel home-field advantage. This team is better on the road (37-27) than they are at home (32-29), a serious regression from their breakout season at Chase Field in 2017, where they finally showed signs of dominance (52-29).

Jon Jay can’t explain why he is a hit-by-pitch magnet.

This has become a common sight. Throughout his career, Jay always has been a hit-by-pitch magnet. But he’s taken it to a new level with his new team. Since joining the Diamondbacks in early June, Jay has been hit by 14 pitches, the most in the majors during that span.

Former D-back Evan Marshall, wife ask for prayers for ill infant son.

“When we got to the ER we learned very quickly that what Ryan was experiencing was seizures,” she wrote. “In less than 24 hours our baby went through 12-15 seizures.

Evan now pitches for the Indians minor league affiliate but after reading this story, and remembering the time Evan himself was badly injured in 2015 when he pitched for Reno, I decided to post this byte.

Jarrod Dyson adds sprinting to his regimen.

Dyson (groin) has resumed sprinting in addition to continuing hitting and taking part in defensive drills, the Associated Press reports.


Baseball has a new position: The make believe pitcher.

I believe he can pitch.

Baseball 2018: Is it the year of the home run? The year of the strikeout? Nope, it’s the year of the position player getting a chance to pitch.

Indy ball manager gets dramatic after ejection.

In the top of the sixth inning, Chicago manager Butch Hobson -- who’s been known to put on fantastic shows before -- was ejected by the umpire. So what did Hobson do? Well he made sure he got his money’s worth and put on a show for the crowd: Video in link.

That time Marge Schott kicked the Macho Man Randy Savage out of the broadcast booth.

Sept. 21, 1989: Randy “Macho Man” Savage shows up in the Cincinnati Reds broadcast booth. Marty Brennaman puts him on the air. Players start flexing & saluting Savage mid-game. Unamused, Reds owner Marge Schott had Savage thrown out of the booth.

The cream rises to the TOP!


Man stuffs boa constrictor down pants while shoplifting

The shoplifting occurred Aug. 10. The owner said the suspect, a man described as 35-40 years-old, entered the pet store and went to the area where the snake was located, Brandt reported.