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Monday Memes 8/20: Still Still in First

The Rockies and Dodgers are breathing down our necks but we’re still in first!

The first week in August, we were in first place. Last week, we were still in first place. This week, we are still still in first place. See how it works?

This week’s memes (and probably for the rest of the season) are going to be primarily focused on the NL West.

I mean, duh.

Those damn Rockies. Everyone knows and hates the Dodgers. But these damn Rockies just won’t go away.

What’s even worse is that the Rockies and Dodgers still have six games left to play between each other. For Arizona fans, what in the world do we do?

And that will be a stressful 6 games for us but the reality is that the true enemy is the Dodgers. They were the favorites to win the division all year long and are still the favorites to win the division accoring to some sources.

Plus, no one likes the Dodgers.

Credit to u/Zeta699 from Reddit for this great meme. That’s a Game of Thrones reference for you uncultured fans out there.

Alright folks, let’s double down on the NL West. Let’s meme down the Rockies and Dodgers!