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Snake Bytes 8/2: Division on the line.

The wildcard may not be an option.

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Goldy guides us.

The D-backs had sole possession of 1st place in the NL West for approximately 24 hours. That was nice. As of now we are tied with the Dodger’s for 1st place after last nights Dodger scum walk-off in the 10th inning against the Brewers. Like the division race, the NL wild card race is super tight and may fall out of reach if the D-backs do not clench the West. The D-backs must play every game, from this day forward, to win the division.

D-Backs News:

Nick Ahmed’s rise pacing team in Pennant race.

“I haven’t played to the capabilities that I know I’m able to the first couple of years here,” Ahmed said after Tuesday’s game. “I’ve started to put things together and get consistent and really have a good idea of myself and what I’m trying to do.”

The July resurgence of Souza Jr has given the D-backs a spark.

“When I initially came up (in May), I felt just as good, but my endurance wasn’t great. So the longer I played or the more I threw, the more tired I would get, and I don’t think that’s something that anybody could plan for,” he said before the game Monday.

“This time, I’m able to just continuously let it go and wake up the next morning feeling great.”

Greinke aging gracefully - along with his contract.

Greinke is more than 2 1/2 years into the six-year, $206.5 million contract the Diamondbacks gave him prior to the 2016 season. To this point, it is hard to say he hasn’t lived up to the deal – that is, at least, as much as any free agent reasonably can be expected to live up to such a contract.

Around MLB:

Johnny Cueto to undergo Tommy John surgery.

The loss of Cueto is a massive blow to the Giants’ 2018 hopes. They’re currently five games out of the lead in the NL West and 4.5 games back of the second Wild Card spot in the National League, though the loss of Cueto and ongoing injury issues with Jeff Samardzija will present them with even more of an uphill battle in their efforts to return to the top of the division.

Predicting the biggest winners and losers of 2018 trade deadline deals.

Unfortunately, there is no sports almanac present here when trying to forecast how some recent baseball trades will shake out. However, based on past performances and perceived team needs, we can make some educated guesses on the matter. Here’s a shot on which teams may end up being winners and losers down the road.

Nationals DFA Shawn Kelley after tantrum on mound.

“I thought that the act that he portrayed on the field last night was disrespectful to the name on the front of the jersey, the organization, specifically [manager] Davey Martinez,” general manager Mike Rizzo said Wednesday. “You’re either in or you’re in the way, and I thought he was in the way.

Off-Topic Snake News:

Videos of young girl posing with 13 foot snek spark controversy.

Yeah, that’s gonna be a no from me, dog.

That’s that, bros. D-backs face the San Francisco Giants in a four game series beginning tonight. Today’s game should be epic with Madison (Don’t look at me!) Bumgarner facing Zack Greinke.