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Snake Bytes 8/18: Ray Does Not Shine, Goldschmidt Happens

It was a night that featured a little bit of just about everything, including yet another home run by Paul Goldschmidt, who now has four on this trip.

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MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona 9, San Diego 4

Once again, Robbie Ray looked both good and vulnerable at the same time. Paul Goldschmidt continued to make people forget he ever struggled this season. David Peralta was missing in action. Zack Greinke pinch-hit. Nick Ahmed got ejected for telling a crap umpire he was doing a crap job. New York still cannot get replays correct. The night had a little bit of everything, but in the end, it’s result is all that really matters. On that front, the Diamondbacks hung another W on their record, shortening the season for the likes of Colorado and Los Angeles by yet one more day.

Ray Frustrated in Arizona Win

18 pitches into the game, Robbie Ray had walked the first two batters he had faced and still not recorded an out. An inconsistent strike zone and the most recent attempts to have Ray working the bottom of the zone plagued Ray as his season of inconsistent results continued. One batter he looks amazing. The next batter fouls of three pitches on a full-count to draw a walk.

Jay Attempts to Rob HR, Gets Beer Shower Instead

In real-time, it looked like Jay may have gotten a beer shower because he managed to make his play on the ball from both above and behind the top of the wall in his attempt to rob the Padres’ Eric Hosmer. Replays clearly show the play was fan interference. The fan was over the line and his beer clearly interfered with Jay’s defensive effort. New York did not see it that way and Hosmer rounded the bases, adding yet more drama to what was already a rough night for Robbie Ray.

Goldschmidt Happens Again

Paul Goldschmidt wasted no time in making his presence felt on Friday night. The slugging first baseman took the first pitch he saw from Padres’ starter, Joey Lucchesi, and deposited in the left field bleachers. Steven Souza, Jr. also got in on the fun, driving in three runs in the game.

ESPN: Paul Goldschmidt the most indispensible player on a contender

Zack Greinke was ranked 10th on the list. A.J. Pollock was the only outfielder listed, making his appearance at number six. But it is Paul Goldschmidt who tops the list with a 14.7% influence on whether or not his team makes the postseason.

Who Leads the NL MVP Race?

Paul Goldschmidt’s strong second-half run is doing wonders with getting his name into the conversation, but he is still looking up at the likes of Matt Carpenter and Freddie Freeman.

NL West and Wild Card Tracker

The Diamondbacks are currently masters of their own fate.

Diamondbacks and Rangers Complete Jake Diekman Trade

Nineteen year-old, left-handed pitcher, Joshua Javier has been sent to Texas as the PTBNL to complete the trade which brought the Diamondbacks left-handed reliever, Jake Diekman at the trade deadline.

Peralta Making Strides with Defense

The Diamondbacks’ outfielder is showing signs of becoming more comfortable and capable playing in left field than ever before, making more and more plays look routine.

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