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Snake Bytes 8/15: Still in First

The Diamondbacks salvaged a split in Texas behind the pitching of Patrick Corbin and the hitting of Paul Goldschmidt. The result - Arizona maintains a one-game lead on the NL West as they head into San Diego for a four-game series this weekend.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona 6, Texas 4

Patrick Corbin put in a good showing, giving Torey Lovullo seven innings of work during which he struck out seven and walked none. Paul Goldschmidt and Alex Avila both took Texas pitching deep.

Corbin Leads the Way

Patrick Corbin continued his strong season, throwing seven innings of three-run ball. Corbin has now gone three starts without walking a batter and ten starts without allowing a home run.

Goldschmidt Happens in Texas

Paul Goldschmidt continued to show his value in Texas, joining Alex Avila in hitting home runs on Tuesday. Goldschmidt’s first-inning home run helped pad Arizona’s MLB-lead for runs scored in the first inning.

Sitting Goldschmidt Becoming Difficult

With his May slump firmly behind him, Paul Goldschmidt is making it all but impossible for Torey Lovullo to stick to his pre-season plan of limiting the slugging first baseman to roughly 150 games played. In the thick of a pennant race, Arizona’s one-man wrecking crew #44, continues to shine and lead the way as the Diamondbacks battle to fend off the rest of the division.

Diamondbacks not Panicking over Bradley

Archie Bradley has been a mess since the All-Star break. Torey Lovullo and the Arizona Diamondbacks aren’t giving up on the right-hander though.

“Now, if it’s a trending, it’s a habit, it’s been happening a month, two, then we’ll have a different conversation. For right now, I know that Archie is exactly what we want on the mound late in games.”

Diamondbacks Break Ground on New Academy in DR

Miguel Montero made the trip to the Dominican Republic as a team ambassador to take part in the ground-breaking ceremony for the Diamondbacks’ new baseball academy in Boca Chica. The complex will sit on the same plot as the previous one did from 1996-2003.

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