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SnakeBruteFest 2018: Saturday, Sep 22nd

That is when, like the Winged Hussars of old, the SnakePit and Brute Squad will unite as one, and charge forth sweeping away the Rockies from our field and hopefully from playoff contention!

Brutes! Unite!

Join us at The Cornish Pasty Co downtown (Monroe & Central) for pre-gaming and the gathering of tickets at 3:00 p.m. Game starts at 5:10 p.m, so we’ll have plenty of time to discuss the Dbacks, history, and which Conan movie was the best. We’re also working with Cornish on a group discount for drinks, details of which will be posted in the comment section once confirmed.

For those who can’t attend the pregame tickets can be mailed or handed off in person prior to 9/22. We’re flexible like that.

Seats are $21 each, including all fees, or for $31 you’ll have a chance to win a Brute Bag. Filled with baseball swag and Brute Squad gear, this bag will provide you with the very essence of Bruteness. No longer will Doyer fans laugh at you from the shadows, for with this bag you shall become Brute and all will know you and fear you.

All ticket purchases* who show up at the Cornish Pasty Co will also obtain something from the SnakePit Garage. On arrival, you’ll get to draw a number, and will get the corresponding D-backs related... thing, of some kind or other, based on the Holy List held by Jim. This might be a vintage T-shirt, an autographed Insider magazine, or some piece of tacky crap. Who knows what else lurks in the depth of the Garage. [* = up until we run out of things - first to show up gets first pick!]

Feel up to the challenge to hang with the greatest and most glorious of baseball fans? Just click either of the PayPal links below (they go through Mrs. SnakePit’s bead company, Trash City) and you’re set. All major credit-cards accepted!

Ticket + Raffle

Ticket only

[UPDATE 8/20] Just confirmed with the powers that be over at Cornish that we’ll all receive a $1 off all draft beers and wine (minus those already priced at $5.50)

Details on Seats and Brute Bag Raffle:

The drawing will occur at the pregame meetup at 4:30. Edbigghead and Turambar will not be included in the drawing or pull the winner. Your name will be added to the drawing at the time of ticket purchase and you will not need to attend the pregame meetup to qualify.

Our Brutish section will be located in section 137, Rows 33-36.

Tickets are not refundable. If we sell more than we have reserved (40) we will work with Miracle Max to get additional seats in or near our section. 1st come 1st served, bros.