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Diamondbacks 3, Rangers 5

Saracens Photocall Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

Well, this one started off with a lot of promise. The top six in the Diamondbacks order touched up Texas starter and roly-poly human Bartolo Colon for two runs in the first, and Zack Greinke cruised through his first two innings like the ace we need him to be, setting down the first six Rangers he faced in order, racking up a first-pitch strike to each of them. It looked like it would be smooth sailing.

Not so much, as it turned out. Greinke really didn’t have his best stuff—he seemed to be resolutely avoiding throwing his fastball for the entire outing, which is always a bad sign. Zack ran into a bit of trouble in the 3rd, giving off a lead-off homer; the 4th was far worse, as five of the first six Rangers reached. That inning doubled Greinke’s pitch count, from 35 or to to over 70 pitches, and three more Rangers crossed the plate.

Meanwhile, the Diamondbacks offense went back to sleep after the first inning, as they so often seem to do these days. We picked up another run in the fifth, but after that there was nothing doing. We put up three hits in the first, and three hits over the subsequent eight. Even against a sub-par team like the Rangers, that won’t win many ballgames.

Full recap to follow in a bit, once I’m done being sad.