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Monday Memes 7/9: ‘Murica

Yay, the MLB All-Star game?

It’s July! Which means hot dogs, hamburgers, fireworks, Diamondbacks baseball, eagles, freedom, and... The All-Star Game. Yay?

Either way, the Dbacks were slighted as only two players were selected. The first is a player you might have heard of before:

That is none other than 6-time all-star Paul Goldschmidt, the first Diamondback to ever be selected to six all-star games. Congrats Goldy!

The other Diamondback is one that you’ve probably never heard of, and definitely not a single person outside the state has ever heard of Patrick Corbin.

And in other July news... we got Alex Avila back. And man, is he hot right now.

We have the day off today. Let’s pass the times with some memes!