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Alex Avila reinstated from DL. Silvino Bracho optioned to AAA Reno.

I can hear the complaints already.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Silvino Bracho needs to take his family on a nice vacation at the end of the season with all of the frequent flier miles he has accumulated. The Arizona Diamondbacks announced today that they have reinstated Alex Avila from the 10 day disabled list and optioned Bracho to AAA Reno. Avila had been on the disabled list since June 27th with a strained hamstring. Avila has caught just over 30% of the team’s innings to date, and the pitching staff has a 3.34 ERA when throwing to him. His strikeout to walk ratio (2.50) is only slightly better than John Ryan Murphy (2.42) while falling behind Jeff Mathis (4.04). However, it’s his work with the bat that has left plenty to be desired. In 121 plate appearances, Avila has only 13 hits and 54 strikeouts for a career low 28 wRC+. His batted ball profile is essentially the same as it was last season, so it is unlikely that he can continue to be as disastrous as he has been at the plate so far.

Meanwhile, Silvino Bracho has more than earned his keep during his sporadic stints with the Diamondbacks. He has allowed only 3 earned runs in 15.2 innings, striking out 22 and allowing 5 walks. It undoubtedly will not be the last time we see him this season as he has shown, in a brief sample size, to have the potential to succeed in the majors this season as he has in the minors previously.