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Snake Bytes 7/5: Bullpen Couldn’t Support Corbin’s Effort

The D-backs lead over the Dodgers has now shrunk to half a game.

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MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Cardinals 8, Diamondbacks 4

This game had the making of a typical D-backs win. A strong start and a few runs before handing it off to the bullpen. But this time, Hirano got knocked out before finishing the 7th inning. An error by Marte proved costly and Salas did not fair much better. The fireworks were just for America tonight, not the added bonus of a home team victory. As for the Dodgers, we knew they weren’t going away, so it’s time to get some wins against the Padres who are up next on the schedule.

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D-backs Making Push for Machado; Braves too?

This is a tough one for D-backs fans. I think most of us would agree to go for it if the trade gives up prospects similar to the J.D. Martinez trade. Giving up more? I guess it all depends. Personally, I wouldn’t give up the type of guys we will need in the coming years. I’d rather have a multi-year window, than a one-year all-in and hope. I’m not a mathematician, but the multi-year option seems like a better chance for a future championship.

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Delgado’s Return Imminent; Souza Not Far Behind

It does appear that the D-backs are getting fairly healthy right around the All-star break. I shouldn’t say any more on this subject.

Steven Souza’s Return Will Crowd Diamondbacks Outfield

Perhaps not, if the Jarrod Dyson’s injury last night is serious. It’s not like the OF is playing like All-stars out there. I’m certainly not worried about crowding.

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