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The Week in Diamondbacks Tweets

#Breaking Did you know the D-backs have new uniforms?

Tweet of the Week



Honorable mentions

#Unsubscribe. I’m still trying to recover from mistaking a Palo Verde beetle on the floor for a bag of beads and picking it up. And that was 17 years ago. I do not need this on my timeline.

Only if they also replace the bullpen cart. Because I totally want to see Archie riding to the mound on the back of an Irish wolfhound.

Olbermann of the Week

First, here’s a victory following last week’s column:

FistPump.gif. Of course, I don’t know why he was following such a “mediocre fan site” to begin with. Onto this week’s ill-informed opinion, although as blazing Hawt Taeks go, this one is colder than liquid nitrogen, considering it’s about the D-backs’ “new” uniforms, which were unveiled in... 2015. Has Clint W of California just noticed, or does he hold a grudge like an elephant on Prevagen? Let’s investigate. For every single day of the series against the Giants, he tagged the team with his “opinion”.

That tagging is what made them show up for me, because during games I have a search fir “Dbacks”, for this feature. I retweeted the third “witty” comment, suggesting 2015 might want their Tweet back. He didn’t like that much. Especially when I added deadhorse.gif. #Triggered:

Doesn’t seem Clint understands how Twitter works. He literally tagged the team in his comments. This is not recommended, if you don’t want people to notice your (dubious) opinions. But it gets better. Or, more accurately, “bitter”.

Note, he didn’t tag me or the D-backs here. Clearly learning from his mistakes. No, what’s clearly a “totally normal thing that fans do” is to tweet about another team’s uniforms for, and I quote, “eight to ten years”. So it’s not even the new ones. That’s some next-level obsessive behavior, so Clint, you are the Olbermann of the Week:

The games in Diamondbacks Tweets

Diamondbacks 1, Giants 2

Pride Night at Chase. Because, as it should be, baseball is for everyone:

Sadly, there were still reports of some thoroughly unacceptable behavior:

Look, people. Kiss who you want. Marry who you want. But know this: there are limits. :)

Diamondbacks 0, Giants 7

I laughed, then felt bad about it. Still laughed though, because we have to get through a Shelby Miller start, by any means necessary. :) Here’s a good way:

Diamondbacks 6, Giants 9


Diamondbacks 3, Cardinals 6

Winner of this week’s award for “Paying somewhat attention to the Diamondbacks”. :)

Diamondbacks 4, Cardinals 2

However, security still wasn’t good enough, because this guy still got in.

Diamondbacks 4, Cardinals 8

I was wondering about this too. #TheMoreYouKnow