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Snake Bytes, 7/27: Exit, pursued by a bear

My kind of town, Chicago is NOT...

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Kodiak Bears Birthday Milestone Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images


[] Ahmed slams, but D-backs settle for series split - "When you look at things backwards, that's obviously the part of the inning … you want to just get that leadoff batter, but it was a close pitch," D-backs manager Torey Lovullo said. "You can tell things unraveled from there." Boxberger recovered to get Javier Baez to fly out to center before Bote, who was called up earlier in the day to replace the injured Kris Bryant, hit an 0-2 fastball into the bleachers in left-center to tie the game. "I thought it was a good pitch," Boxberger said. "He was right on it. I don't know if he kind of knew what I was throwing or not. I'll look at the film tomorrow and find out what's going on."

[AZ Central] Boxberger blows save against Chicago Cubs - Lovullo said he was aware of “some sort of trends” when it came to Boxberger’s usage and days of rest. “I think when he is rested and ready, he is very effective,” Lovullo said. “But nothing ... leads me to think that he wasn’t ready today. We’re always constantly examining different parts of the game at different levels to make sure our athletes are prepped and ready. But when you get a tired pitcher out there, the stuff is going to fall back a little bit. I don’t think that was the case today with Brad.”

Team news

[AZ Central] Jake Lamb reinjures shoulder in loss - “It’s frustrating, definitely,” Lamb said after the game. “But it is what it is and I’ve got to go from here.” Lamb said he hopes this injury is not as serious as the AC joint sprain he suffered in April, but was understandably not encouraged with how he felt Thursday evening. An All-Star last year, Lamb has played in just 56 of the team's 104 games this year and has struggled to the tune of a .223 average. “There’s always more time,” Lamb said when asked if this was the most frustrating season of his career. “Playoff push, last couple months. … It’s definitely frustrating, but hopefully I feel great tomorrow. It doesn’t feel too great right now.”

[] Matt Andriese eager to contribute to D-backs - Andriese, who was acquired Wednesday from Tampa Bay for a pair of Minor Leaguers, played with Arizona outfielder Steven Souza Jr. and closer Brad Boxberger when they were all on the Rays. Boxberger and Andriese, in fact, were roommates for a couple years during Spring Training. "Pretty much, he's like an older brother to me," Andriese said. "Slightly older." "Lately, I've been using my curveball a little bit more, and I think that helps a lot against lefties," Andriese said. "I throw the changeup a lot, but throwing it in fastball counts it really helps, especially against lefties." Souza described Andriese's change as a "cut changeup" because of its movement.

[The Athletic] With the Matt Andriese trade, the Diamondbacks again try to balance the present with the future - “We’ve always really liked him as a pitcher,” Hazen said. “We think he fits what we’re trying to do, trying to acquire pitching for not just now but down the road. We know that’s an area of focus for us even beyond this season. We felt like this was an opportunity to address that with this trade, and it fits for now.” Hazen has been very conscious of not overleveraging what is one of baseball’s weaker farm systems in order to bolster his big-league team, and the price for Andriese reflects that.

And, elsewhere...

[SI] MLB position players pitching more often - As the game zeroes in on the concept of perfectly optimized bullpen management, there’s no hotter commodity than choice: a manager with enough options in front of him to arrange for the perfect match-up, batter by batter. In theory, those choices are built on using the best pitcher for the situation rather than simply the best pitcher who happens to be available. And sometimes, when the situation is bleak enough, the best pitcher for the situation might not be a pitcher at all—a choice that only functions today to create more choices for a team tomorrow.

[The Onion] Royals Players Concerned About Fan Who Stuck Out 3-Hour Rain Delay - Sadly watching from the dugout as the lone spectator refused to abandon the game, the players of the Kansas City Royals confirmed this week that they were concerned about a fan who stuck out a three-hour rain delay. “I hope he’s okay, I mean, we appreciate the support, but it’s coming down in sheets and this game has absolutely zero playoff implications,” said third-baseman Mike Moustakas, who expressed concern that the fan had seemingly nothing better to do for an entire evening than wait for a mid-season baseball game to restart while sitting through a torrential downpour.

[Deadspin] How Bad Will It Get Before MLB Takes The Mets From The Wilpons? - In many ways and for many reasons and for many years, the people that own the Mets obviously can’t be trusted to run a Major League Baseball team—not just trusted by the legions of defiant masochists who have stuck by the team but, more saliently, by the other image-conscious rich guys that own teams, and who know that the health of the league depends in no small part on the National League franchise in the nation’s largest media market not being run like a skunk-infested Quiznos franchise.