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Snake Bytes 7-19-18: Baseball is back on the menu.

No games yesterday but thank Crom that today, today there is baseball!

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Obligatory Joe West Neck-Sack Image

NL West - Dbacks News:

Let’s just jump right into the deep here, you all heard, read, tweeted, redditted, facebooked, facetimed, snapchatted and even phoned about the O’s - Dodgers Manny Machado trade. I knew we were never real contenders for landing Machado especially with our depleted farm and lack of $ to be able to sign Machado long term, after his rental. However according to Hazen the D-backs “stayed engaged” in the Manny trade arena but in the end Machado is Hollywood now.

Well what will it take for Arizona to stay in the Division race? Greg Moore says it will be hella tough but possible yet for the D-backs to make the playoffs.

Rob Manfred speaks:

The Manfred behind the curtain talks new ballparks for the Oakland A’s and Tampa Bay Ray’s Both the A’s and Rays are working to find a solution for a new ballpark within their current markets, but the two teams are facing unique challenges. I think what they mean by “unique challenges” is that nobody wants to pay.

Clearing up both searches is also key for MLB as it tries to make future plans. Manfred has expressed interest in expanding to 32 teams at some point.

Manfred mentioned that getting to 32 teams would help logistically, enabling for an easier schedule-making process and the ability to realign to four four-team divisions in each league. He also noted that those tweaks would allow for an altered approach to the playoffs.

Baseball Memorabilia News:

A new Library of Congress exhibition includes such treasures as the original 1857 “Magna Carta of Baseball” This is a extremely interesting read, though you may want to put on your top hat and monocle for it. It’s fancy.

Major League Baseball (MLB) is releasing an Ethereum-based, digital, collectible game in late summer 2018. The MLB, in partnership with blockchain gaming company, Lucid Sights, hopes to boost baseball fandom with the potentially ground-breaking dApp, “MLB Crypto Baseball.” Lol, what bro? Pokemon go baseball? I mean Ill download the app if I can use it to order a tall can of Mich Ultra but that’s it.

Off Topic Snake Story:

Have you ever had a nightmare in which you’re covered in snakes? Well, now that nightmare can become a reality, if that is for some reason something you want to happen. Snake massages are here, even though no one asked for them, and they will bring you in direct contact with boa constrictors.

Only One Game Today, Bros:

If you need your Baseball fix like me, you will find only one game today so we gotta share.

Cardinals vs. Cubs 4:05 p.m. our time.