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Snake Bytes 7/18: Worst Day of the Season

It’s the day after the All-Star Game. That means that, not are there no baseball games, there really aren’t any sporting events worth mentioning at all. On top of that, the baseball news slows to a trickle until tomorrow.

American League 8, National League 6

The game went ten innings. The two teams combined to hit 10 home runs. There were also 25 strikeouts. Welcome to baseball in 2018.

Goldschmidt Walks, Corbin, Greinke Watch

Despite starting the game as the NL’s DH and batting third, Paul Goldschmidt only came to the plate twice in the affair. In his first at-bat, he was struck out by Chris Sale. In his second, he drew a walk off of Blake Snell. Although the National League did wind up using nine pitchers in the extra-innings game, neither Patrick Corbin or Zack Greinke took the mound for the team.

Examining the Arizona Infield at the Break

Paul Goldschmidt has a monster bat and Nick Ahmed is still a great defensive shortstop. Outside of that, the infield has some issues, though Ketel Marte is doing his best to curtail at least some of them.

Around MLB

Five Players That Should Be Traded - But Won’t Be

It seems to be something of a rule that the more a trade makes sense in baseball, the more unlikely it is to happen.

The Worst Called Ball of the First Half

Arguing balls and strikes will get one thrown out of a ballgame with a quickness. Dylan Covey of the White Sox could easily have been forgiven for getting a bit upset with home plate umpire with this rotten call. To his credit, he simply shook it off and got back to work.