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Monday Memes 7/16: Meme All Stars

Time for this year’s Meme All Stars!

So you didn’t know this (and I didn’t know this until I came up with the idea today) but there was actually voting for the AZ Snake Pit Meme All-Stars. And by voting, I mean that I subjectively pick out who’s been the best memers so far in 2018. So yeah. Power.

We’ll start with the second-team Meme All Stars. These are the posters that have been in and out of the threads all year with moderate activity and quality memes.

Second-Team Meme All Stars

Michael McDermott

Keegan Thompson



And the winner of the “Sean is kissing ass” award: Jim McLennan

Congrats to these five! There were of course plenty of other good memers that just missed the cut and recency bias totally plays a part (did you meme in April? I can’t remember). Such is the life of a Meme All Star voter!

Now, on to the First-Time Meme All Stars. These are the true hard-nosed, gritty veterans that are out there winning Meme wars for us. They lead by example and by example they just post a lot. I mean like a shit ton of memes.

First-Team Meme All Stars




These three have been rockstar memers all season long and DBacksEurope has had a great run in June and July. You should probably start scouring Craigslist for their baseball cards immediately.

Annnnd there’s more. I’m talking about our 2018 Mid-Season Meme MVP. Now, this poster is not a household name. They post very infrequently. But when they do, it’s amazing. They are more common the r/azdiamondbacks subreddit.

Seriously, their memes are top notch and this is beyond just the realm of Diamondbacks memes. Their GIFs are among the highest-quality memes I’ve seen and this user has made several of them.

Meme All Stars Mid-Season MVP


Yes, this year’s midseason MVP is rekameohs. And frankly, they’re going to be the frontrunner for MVP for a long time. This isn’t a knock on anyone else; just praise for their work.

(side note: as per his contract, since AzDbackfanInDc didn’t win MVP, he will now be banned from the site)