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Snake Bytes 7-16-18: Break Time!

D-backs .5 game out of 1st place as we come to the break.

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look at this fair weather jumping ship


Corbinzano Stumbles in loss to Braves But what does Torey have to say about this offense lately? Lovullo said. “I think we are learning and growing as an offense. I would say we are putting ourselves in good positions to possibly score a lot of runs, but we aren’t totally closing the deal.” Totally, bro.

Braves Down Diamondbacks after Rough Forth Inning Some cherry picked good news for this article; The Diamondbacks headed home with their 17th series win with a minimum of three games, tied for the most before the All-Star break in club history. They also matched last year’s franchise record with 53 wins at the season’s halfway mark.

Dbacks news:

Yoan Lopez struck out a guy BUT has a way-cool hairdo now Arizona Diamondbacks prospect Yoan Lopez made quite the splash at the MLB Futures Game with his play and his looks. Video in link, his hair is way better than Eric (corey felmdan) Byrnes’.

Steals still lagging for Lord emperor Paul Goldschmidt Goldschmidt has only three steals and just five attempts, leaving him well off his pace from the past three years, in which he has stolen 18, 32 and 21 bases, respectively.

Around MLB:

Machado would not provide the Dodger’s the relief that they need. Not sure what the Dodger’s need besides fans that are not rabid. The Dodgers went from 10 games below .500 to 10 games above during the 1st half. What more do they want?

USA outslugs World in All Star Future’s Game. It’s just us against the World, baby. And WE WON! World Manager Ortiz had this to say “You look at the game, the way it went down, there wasn’t much of a difference,” World manager David Ortiz said. “It was back-and forth-type of game. To me, that’s a good sign to know, as a baseball fan like I am right now, that the future of the game is in great hands.”

The Home Run Derby and the beauty of Baseball that doesn’t count. Judge and Stanton and Mike Trout and Mookie Betts all wanted no part of the Derby. Joey Gallo said he has talked to a lot of guys who “regretted doing it,” Nolan Arenado said he “was thinking about the second half,” and any number of hitters might buy into the idea that it could exhaust them, injure them, mess up their swings or just get in the way of a chance to recharge. Baseball in 2018 is far more physically demanding than it was 100 years ago, and the stakes for these players are arguably much higher; it’s good and fair that players get to say no, and it’s not at all surprising that they choose to.

2018 HR Derby time, TV schedule and participants. The most important thing to remember this all star game is that BRYCE HARPER is NOT and all star. He is a chin and nothing more.

Off Topic Snake Story:

Have you even ever seen a white rattle snake? Of course you have not. Do yourself a favor and click that link to in fact see a white rattle snake, bro.

See yous guys tomorrow for the All Star Game.