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Pit Your Wits ‘18: Week 10

Has it really been ten weeks already? I guess time really flies when the Diamondbacks spend the majority of that time in first place...

2018 NBA Finals - Game Four Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Last week I gave you a picture to caption, which you can find here, and the response was a lot more muted than I was expecting. Still got three winning responses though, and first place belongs to MichaelMcD!

Torey Lovullo being asked about what the Marlins do well

Couldn’t come up with an answer

Posted by Michael McDermott on Jun 3, 2018 | 6:45 PM reply rec (4)

Question also applies to the Reds, it would appear... In second place!

Question: Who is going to be 2018 NL MVP?

Answer: Uhh…..Yasmany Tomás #TomasForMVP ;-}

Posted by GoldyHitAnotherOne on Jun 3, 2018 | 6:15 PM reply rec (3)

Whatever he’s having, I’ll take two! And in third place...

He was asked what is the airspeed velocity of an Unladen Swallow

and doesnt know if she meant the African or the European Swallow

Posted by AzRattler on Jun 3, 2018 | 8:54 PM reply rec (2)

The fact that this didn't win is a dark mark upon the honor of this site...


Contestant Score
Contestant Score
smartplays 21
MrMrrbi 20
AzDbacksFanInDc 13
TylerO 10
Rockkstarr12 9
hotclaws 8
Michael McDermott 8
suroeste 8
Keegan Thompson 7
Makakilo 5
onedotfive 5
TusconTim 5
AzRattler 4
edbigghead 4

The standings mostly stay the same this week, with the majority of the changes coming further back in the pack. However, Rattler does gain a point on Hacks, making things even closer at the top, though no positions changed.

For this week’s prompt, for the next sixty seconds, you have complete control over the Diamondbacks. What one change do you make? Go!