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D-backs 9, Rockies 4: Goldy has Rockies on the rocks

Due to my newly implemented diet, this article just got lo-cal, but significantly more dangerous.

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

That is to say this will be a spirit filled recap, one where I bought a slew of those little sample bottles. I’ll even make it a bit more interesting; for every HR the Dbacks get tonight I’ll completely kill one of the 2oz bottles and move on to the next while nursing a mainstay drink.

LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spirit 1: High West Whiskey: Campfire 46%abv

  • So, it begins. Still can’t believe this is our first time in Denver this season. Feels like the schedule gods have been playing tricks on us. Goldy is fooled by no one though as his apparent resurgence continues. Desclutcho lives up yet again to his newish nickname, and Goldy’s double is not in vain. 1-0 Dbacks.
  • Marte can’t bring home any more but I’ll take it. A home run this early would have killed me.
  • Greinke takes advantage of that early lead and relatively cruises through the his first half of the frame. Too bad he cant help himself in the next frame. Oh well, can’t get too greedy.
  • 1-1 now as Greinke shows a slight sign of being human. Let’s hope that’s all for now.
  • Jay on base! Just what we pulled that trade for. Goldy makes them pay with a 2-run blast. Oh God.....Time for a shot...Lamb hits another. I’m only doing one. Doesn’t count since it’s too close together. [Jim’s note: wuss!]
  • Shot 1. Makers Mark.

Spirit 2: MACALLAN 12 yr 40%abv

  • Oh God. Peralta hits another. Another shot I guess then back to nursing this fine scotch. 5-1 Dbacks and I may die tonight.
  • Shot 2.... I’m calling for mercy on this since these HRs all came in the same inning. [Jim’s note: offering to take a shot for every homer, in a Coors Field game? Not the most well considered of plans...]
  • Greinke now has quite a bit more of a cushion to work with here in the bottom of the 3rd. He proceeds to earns his huge pay check and we’re on to the 4th where we’ll hopefully add more crooked numbers...Just please no more HRs... for now.
  • My liver is saved that inning and then my soul is healed as I watch Story strike out in spectacular fashion in the 4th. He sure as hell looked pissed for missing that inside heat.
  • Marquez is pulled here in the 4th, and I’m giddy we get to their bullpen so early in this one. Not for what we can do this game, but for the games ahead this series. Greinke puts the icing on the cake as he get out of the 4th with no blood. 5-1 Dbacks.
  • For a sec I thought it was the booze, but no, Peralta assisted that HR from Blackmon. It bounced off the fence, off his back and out of the park. Ughhh. 5-2 Dbacks.
  • The Grienke wheels just got pretty wobbly as Story hits a 2-run blast making it 5-4. Good thing I got more spirit, both literaly and figuratively.

Spirit 3: Old Native American themed Ezra James Whiskey ????

  • Long story here, but basically an old family friend gave me his collection of whiskey decanters when he died and many still had booze in them. Good times. [Jim’s note: real whisky has no “e” in it, dammit!]
  • Was both hoping and dreading Greinke getting an HR as they intentionally walk Mathis in front of him. Blessedy he both avoids the HR and drives in a run. 6-4 D-backs.
  • Still 6-4 even as Greinke heads out during the 6th, thanks in no small part to Chafin getting himself a pickoff. Hell yea!

Spirit 4: Woodford Reserve 45.2% abv

  • Chafin delivers again in the 7th as he retires the side with, ironically, 7 pitches. 6-4 Dbacks and hopefully this pour will be my last.
  • Well. Mathis aint no glacier, but he somehow legged out a triple to bring in another run making it 7-4. Thank you Parra for jogging after what should have been a double :)
  • Owings sac fly makes it 8-4 as we go in to the bottom of the 8th. I might just avoid another HR shot!
  • Goldy gets another HR and I in turn get another shot. FML. 9-4 Dbacks: Gentleman Jack

Spirit 5: Jack Daniels Single Barrel 47% abv

  • Well, so much for a quiet night. With this kind of offense I’ll take it.
  • Top of the 9th and McFarland is in instead of Boxperson; shame be upon him for Wednesday’s game.
  • We win!!!!!!!

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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Scotch whisky: Paul Goldschmidt, +15.8%
Irish whisky: Andrew Chafin, +14.3%
Whiskey: Jarrod Dyson, -8.3%

Busy little Gameday Thread, with 800+ comments from the following: AzDbackfanInDc, BobDolio, DeadManG, GuruB, Jackwriter, Jim McLennan, Johnneu, Justin27, Makakilo, Michael McDermott, MikeMono, MrMrrbi, TucsonTim, asteroid, coldblueAZ, edbigghead, gamepass, hotclaws, kilnborn, lildbackfan21x, onedotfive, shoewizard and smartplays. Maybe some others too, roll-call seems a bit wonky, but close enough. Probable comment of the night goes to whoever drew this cartoon, which I shamelessly nicked:

Looks like the Dodgers and Giants will win and won respectively. But this win means that the D-backs extend their lead to 1.5 games - over what will probably become a three-way tie between the Rockies, Giants and Dodgers for second. Exciting times! Tune in tomorrow for the second games in this series, when Matt Koch will start for the Diamondbacks, with a start time of 4:15pm, Arizona time. I’m going to follow Turambar’s example, and Mrs. SnakePit has dug out a bottle of Laphroaig for a Friday night drink. But here’s the latest Brute Squad broadcast for your amusement!