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Letters to Clefo: Your questions, answered!

Mailbag time!

Children Add Finishing Touches To Life Size LEGO Christmas Showcase Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

They say the Mailbag column is the last refuge of the writer’s block, but I think that’s poppycock! I will succumb to the will of the people to be heard by Friday at Noon and answer your tweets and Facebook comments. Thank you to everyone who submitted a question, and a pox on everyone who didn’t.

It sort of a mishmash of both, converging into this mediocre porridge. The Diamondbacks are currently in first place, but only three games above .500, which isn’t great, but certainly wouldn’t be indicative on its own of a bad team. The Padres, currently in last, are 29-35. That’s not a good record by any means, but it still puts them in the tier above all those teams who aren’t going to try to contend until the 2030s and most of the AL Central.

The Diamondbacks stepping on so many rakes in May has been the primary reason for the division being so close, and the fact that, up to this point, nobody has surged ahead of them doesn’t speak well for the rest of the division. So... yeah. Hooray mediocrity!

Jean, from all accounts, seems like a good dude, and his career basically revived from the one season he spent in Arizona, and it’s not like the Mariners are a direct rival that the D-Backs see 19 times a year. (I’m cool with them. I have family in Seattle, and Kate of Lookout Landing is really awesome and has always been great to talk with during inter-blog planning.)

Also, I don’t think your personal fandom has to follow any hard and fast rules. Do what makes you happy. I would suggest being able to read the room a little, obviously. I would not, for example, have stood up in the comments section of this site after Game 4 of the 2007 NLCS and shouted “WELL I LIKE THE ROCKIES TOO SO I’M HAPPY!” Though I would admire the bravery.

Is it rational to be this in love with Jarrod Dyson? - Dean on Facebook

Love is never rational, is it? I say love away, but if Jarrod Dyson does not reciprocate that love, or even run (extremely fast) away, you have to respect that. The hurt will be there, and it’s natural, but you have to move on and learn from the experience.

I am far too young to really give this question a fair shake. They’ve never been in my personal Zeitgeist. I know Dancing Queen, Mama Mia, and Fernando readily, and those are good songs, and people seem to like them, so sure, why not?

This did give me an idea. When my hypothetical future children are old enough to understand these things, I’m gonna really push on them music from my lifetime from bands or artists that I would define as: “Good and fairly popular at the time, but not any sort of Hall of Fame worthy or genre changing.”

“You kids weren’t around when Toad The Wet Sprocket was around. Whoa boy they took over the world, it was crazy. People were actually walking on the ocean cause of that song! So many needless deaths!”

What X (sic) Red Sox or Cardinal is coming next? - Steve on Facebook

George Kottaras, if we wanna do both.

(Baseball reference has a great tool to identify players who have played for two or more specific franchises in their careers, which helped with that answer)

I have some confidence in saying that, financially speaking, the Diamondbacks could theoretically do that. Should they? Well, you need to get on that Bernard Gilkey plan, son.

To answer the last question first: Slim to none. The Diamondbacks don’t seem to have the apparent trade capital, nor willingness to spend, to pull off both of those. I’m still of the cynical opinion that they could have signed J.D. Martinez, especially since every team got a nice financial windfall recently, but didn’t for bottom line reasons. But, at least they’ll use that extra money for things like Chase Field maintenance, right?

However, that’s boring, so I’ll bring a “Very Online Fan” response to the table:

Only a few low-level prospects that nobody has heard of, and if Sandy Alderson/Dan Duquette balk at that, they’re ungrateful, greedy jerks. Just print out a large dartboard with the Kane County Cougar’s roster, whichever names two darts hit, that’s who is gonna be traded.

Where does John Jay fit in? - Anne, on Facebook

Well, if you need to issue a ruling as to whether states are subject to Judicial Review, or trip over yourself to get a treaty signed with Britain, he’s your guy.