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2018 Draft: Day Three Recap

Checking in on the Diamondbacks and their 20 picks on day three of the draft.

Day three of the first-year player draft is quite a bit different from the first two days. For starters, players selected in rounds 11-40 are not subject to bonus pool restrictions. However, if they are signed for more than $100,000, the overage comes from the money allocated to the draft pool. Secondly, as readers may have noticed, there are 30 rounds covered on day three. These are speed rounds with less than a minute between picks. A team may elect to pass at any point in time in the draft. They simply lose that pick, but are still eligible to pick when their turn comes up again in later rounds.

Because of the way that draft bonuses work now, the eleventh round is an aggressive round in the draft. It is here that many teams will look to draft a “tough sign” high school player, using surplus money from their draft pool in order to sweeten the offer and entice players away from their college commits. This is a big part of why hoarding draft picks and bonus pool money becomes so important.

Unique to Arizona is the 34th pick in the draft, also known as the Cory Hahn selection. Hahn had his baseball career cut short when he suffered a life altering injury during a 2011 game against New Mexico. Just three games into his first season at ASU, Hahn attempted to steal 2nd base when his head came into contact with Lobos 2nd baseman Kyle Stiner’s knee on the headfirst slide. The collision resulted in a fracture of Hahn’s C5 vertebrae, which left the promising young ballplayer confined to a wheelchair. This slot in the draft is reserved for publicity purposes to recognize outstanding community individuals for various reasons.

For the Diamondbacks, Arizona picked up right where they left off on Tuesday, with 18 of their 30 picks being pitchers, 15 of those coming in the first 20. Here is how the final day of the draft panned out for Arizona.

11. Blaze Alexander, SS, IMG Academy (FL)

12. Justin Lewis, RHP, Kentucky (senior)

13. L.T. Tolbert, SS, South Carolina

14. Josh Green, RHP, Southeastern Louisiana University (senior)

15. Zack Shannon, RHP, Delta State (senior)

16. Ethan Larrison, Indiana State) (senior)

17. Justin Garcia, RHP, University of Arkansas Little Rock (senior)

18. Kyler Stout, RHRP, Oral Roberts University (senior)

19. Andy Toelken, RHP, University of Missouri Columbia

20. Erin Baldwin, RHP, Samford University (senior)

21. Jacob Steven, RHP, Boston College

22. Blake Workman, RHRP, California State Fullerton

23. Mario Leon, RHRP, Florida Gulf Coast University (fifth-year senior)

24. Bryan Menendez, RHRP, UNLV (senior)

25. Landon Whitson, RHP, Lenoir-Rhyne University (senior)

26. Ethan Small, LHP, Mississippi State

27. Christian Jayne, CF, Terry Sanford HS (NC)

28. Marshawn Taylor, SS, Grambling State University (fifth-year senior)

29. Luke Bartnicki, LHP, Walton HS (GA)

30. Devin Warner, 3B, Cartersville HS (GA)

31. Daniel Wasinger, C, Southeastern Louisiana University (senior)

32. Austin Bergner, RHP, North Carolina (sophomore)

33. Jeremy Ydena, OF, UCLA (senior)

34.* Wacy Crenshaw, OF, Glendale CC (JC 2) (son of Ken Crenshaw, Diamondbacks Director of Sports Medicine and Performance)

35. Alex King, SS, St. Louis University (senior)

36. Joe Gillette, 3B, Menlo College (senior)

37. Zack Plunkett, C, University of Arkansas Fayetteville

38. David Garza, SS, Tennessee Tech University (senior)

39. Tyler Acosta, CF, Barrington HS (IL)

40. Zach Watson, CF, LSU (sophomore)

With so many seniors selected in these rounds, signings should go fairly quickly. Look for aggressive placements to get some of these arms moving quickly through the system to bolster the relief corps. Others will get the chance to prove whether or not they can cut it as starters in the professional ranks. Chances are strong that none of them do, but there are always outliers that develop strong skills later in their development.