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2018 Draft: Day 2 Recap

After taking athletic, defensively strong position players on day one, what did Arizona do with their eight picks on day two?

The Diamondbacks selected 25th in each round today. Day two encompasses rounds 3-10. All players drafted in these rounds are subject to bonus pool restrictions. Below is a list of the players selected and their approximate pick values. More detailed looks at some of the players will be forthcoming over the next few days.

3. Pick #99: Jackson Goddard, RHP, Kansas - $565.1K

4. Pick #129: Ryan Weiss, RHP Wright State University - $422.1K

5. Pick #159: Matt Mercer, RHP Oregon - $314.8K

6. Pick #189: Ryan Miller, RHP, Clemson (senior) - $243.7K

7. Pick #219: Travis Moths, RHP, Tennessee Tech University (senior) - $191K

8. Pick #249: Levi Kelly, RHP, IMG Academy (FL) (HS senior) - $158.5K

9. Pick #279: Tyler Holton, LHP, Florida State - $144.8K

10. Pick #309: Nick Dalesandro, C, Purdue - $137.3K

At first glance, it seems Ladnier is holding true to last night’s comments that there is pitching to be found throughout the draft. Only one of the picks looks to be potentially problematic in terms of signing, and that would be Levi Kelly. Given Kelly’s limited upside though, there is a strong chance he won’t be terribly difficult to bring into the fold.

In terms of intriguing prospects from this class, Matt Mercer is a power arm that almost certainly is given the chance to start, but could work through the system quickly as a late-inning reliever.

The biggest “get” in day two might be Tyler Holton. He is currently on the shelf, having undergone Tommy John surgery in February. However, before he went under the knife, he was the Friday Night starter for the deeply talented Florida State Seminoles and an All-American. He could be Arizona’s next Jon Duplantier, a high-round talent who fell due to an outstanding injury.

Keep a close eye on Nick Dalesandro over the next few years. This young man is a defensively gifted backstop with great physical tools. He is arguably the best defensive catcher in the draft, but he also has a decent bat and good speed on the bases.