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Diamondbacks 3, San Francisco 10

That went to hell in a hurry...

Everything was fine until suddenly it was on fire. Photo Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

So early on, this one was beginning to feel like it might be a pitcher’s duel of sorts. Zack Godley pitched around some traffic in the first, but was clean in his first three innings of work, retiring the last seven batters he faced after his first inning issues. Giants starter Derek Holland seemed to be going in slightly the opposite direction, striking out the first four he faced and then giving up longer and longer at bats, including two hits.

And then in the fourth inning, the wheels came off. For the Giants, it was only the front wheels, as the good guys put up two runs thanks to Goldy, Jake Lamb and another timely hit from Ketel Marte. It wound up being the tiniest crooked number, as that’s all we came away with in our half, but a crooked number is a crooked number, right?

Wrong, sadly. Our tires caught fire, and burned up pretty much the entire bus. Diamondbacks pitchers (note the plural) threw 46 pitches in the bottom of the inning, twelve Giants hitters came to the plate, and seven Giants runs had crossed the plate when it was all said and done, all of them attributed to Zack Godley.

And it didn’t really get much better. We tacked on one more in the eighth, they tacked on three more in various places, and, well, that’s all she wrote. Except of course for the full recap, which will be up shortly, should you want to read about all the wretchedness in vivid detail.