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Snake Bytes 6/4: Stage One Complete, Beat Up on Weak Teams

The D-backs finish their week 5-1 against the Reds and Marlins. Stage 2 will be to build off that success against higher quality teams to get back on track.

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Miami Marlins v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Diamondbacks 6, Marlins 1

Matt Koch pitched 7 shutout innings while giving up only 3 hits. Perhaps, not quite time to give up on him yet. The offense produced 6 more runs, finishing the last two series with 42 total runs. Much, much better. The D-backs would have been lucky to get 21 hits a couple of weeks ago. The Giants in SF are next, let’s keep it rolling.

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Marte Heating Up as Diamondbacks Complete Homestand

Time for Ketel to start earning his $24 million dollars. A nice homestand is a great start. He hit .421 with 2 homers and 5 extra-base hits including 2 triples. That’s more like it, keep it going.

Around MLB

The Workloads of the Top College Pitchers in the 2018 Draft

An interesting FanGraphs article that takes a look at pitch counts at the college level. Some college box scores do not offer pitch counts, but the author devised an interesting mathematical way to estimate it. Some pitchers in college had much higher pitch counts than others. What does that mean? Are they worn out? Are they more durable? What about pitchers with shorter outings that most big league starters? Unclear.

Who Goes In First Round Tonight?

Some consensus in mock drafts for tonight’s first round, especially for the top 6 picks. By the time the D-backs select number 25, I doubt anyone has a clue, but most seem to agree it will not be a pitcher. I’m not sure about that. 78 picks will be chosen tonight.