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Preview #83: 6/30 vs. Giants

The last game of June. Gone better than May, hasn’t it?

Arizona Diamondbacks v Miami Marlins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Today's Lineups

Alen Hanson - LF Jon Jay - RF
Buster Posey - C Paul Goldschmidt - 1B
Andrew McCutchen - RF Jake Lamb - 3B
Brandon Belt - 1B David Peralta - LF
Brandon Crawford - SS Daniel Descalso - 2B
Pablo Sandoval - 3B Ketel Marte - SS
Joe Panik - 2B John Ryan Murphy - C
Gorkys Hernandez - CF Jarrod Dyson - CF
Dereck Rodriguez - RHP Shelby Miller - RHP

With a win today, the D-backs would finish June with a record of 20-8. While that would be a slightly lower winning percentage than they managed in April (.714 vs. .720), due to the greater number of contests this month. it would still be no mean feat on a variety of levels. The team has not won twenty games in a “true” calendar month for fifteen years, the last time being when they went 20-6 in June 2003. The only other occasion they reached that mark was in August of 1999, when Arizona had a record of 20-8. Managing two months in the same season with a winning percentage of .700 or better would be equally impressive, and just that 1999 season has seen it (.714 in August, .731 in September).

It has truly been a roller-coaster of a season. I’ve not checked the records to be sure, but I am fairly certain that the team has never had consecutive months where their W% changed by more than 400 points, something which would also be sealed with a W today. Indeed, I’m not sure how common that is across all of baseball. The Diamondbacks went from .720 in April to .296 in May, and pending today’s result, currently sit at .704 for June. It’s weird to have a team which is either thoroughly dominant or completely crap. There’s no way this is a “true” .700 team (very few ever are), but then again, there’s no way they are a .300 team either. We’ll see what the future brings...

A W is by no means certain this afternoon though, as Shelby Miller makes his first home start of the season. The previous outing for Miller, his 2018 debut, was a real parson’s egg (is that a thing here?), in that parts of it were good. You could look at the final line and blast Miller - as many did on social media - but neither his defense nor the home-plate umpire or his bullpen did Miller any favors, and he likely deserved a better fate. We’ll certainly hope for better tonight. Not least because there’s a gathering at SnakePit Towers, including edbigghead, Turambar, shoewizard and Keegan Thompson to watch this one. If we don’t win, there may only be a smoking crater left by morning!