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Archie Bradley on MLB Network

Not sure if there was any update provided on his digestive tract... :)

Arizona Diamondbacks v Miami Marlins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Prior to the series finale in Miami, Archie Bradley joined “MLB Central” via Marlins Park’s Ballpark Cam to discuss the Diamondbacks’ recent success, his energy and the true story behind him growing a beard. If you want to find out if there were any updates on #Poopgate... you’ll have to watch the video!

Bradley and his team-mate Steven Souza Jr. were also featured on MLB Network’s kid-focused show “Play Ball”, which aires this morning (but will likely be on again - check your local listings, as they say!). The show features MLB stars discussing reaching the Major Leagues, providing advice to kids trying to get better at the game, and sharing tips in one-on-one demonstrations with MLB Network analysts. This particular episode was hosted by Carlos Peña and featured a workout with Souza Jr. and chat with Bradley on playing football and baseball, the fine art of beard maintenance and his community involvement. Here’s a clip from the show.