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Snake Bytes, 6/30: Impotent offense

Corbin was good. Offense was limp.

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Where my offense gone?


Last night Corbin showed up to win. But the Giants may have been waiting for him and his slider. After dominating the Giants 3 times this season and almost tossing a no-hitter the last time Corbin faced them, it seems The Giants were ready to try something different last night. Props to Corbin for a good start. Chafin did not help things obviously by walking a guy, giving up a double and then a run. “I just walked him,” Chafin said. “I didn’t go right at him today. I was kind of nitpicking at him out there. I feel like I beat myself in that at-bat, trying to do too much, be too perfect, instead of just throwing quality pitches and letting him get himself out.”

And the Slater at-bat?

”I missed a spot,” Chafin said. “I was trying to go in on him, left the ball middle away and he was able to put the barrel on it. Other than that, the at-bat was in my favor. If I put that ball where I want it, the results are going to be different.” Way to go Chafin...Nice nit-picking, bro.

Arizona Diamondbacks reliever Yoshihisa Hirano made history Friday night in the series opener against the San Francisco Giants, as he extended his scoreless streak. Hirano came into the contest riding a 24-game scoreless streak, which was tied with former D-backs pitchers J.J. Putz (June 23-August 31, 2012) and Brandon Lyon (April 9-June 12, 2008).

Injury update (beating injured horse)

Reliever Randall Delgado who has been bothered by a number of injuries this year, is expected to throw an inning for Reno on Friday. Plus news about Pollack and Souza which I am sure you are already aware of if you even call youself a fan, bro.

Poop update

Meg Rowley at FanGraphs attempts to use detective skills and possibly a Ouija board to determine the exact game in which Bradley shit himself.

Around MLB

The man who was found dead in the Atlanta Braves walk-in cooler was attempting to install his very own beer-tap invention. RIP bro, you died doing what you loved.

Former Tiger’s Pitching Coach Bosio was fired for calling an african-american clubhouse attendant a “Monkey” That’s a big no no, bro. Definitely not professional and today that type of behavior has almost immediate consequences.

Obligatory Tim Tebow is an all-star (somehow) story. But to me he is just sports media’s nightly wet-dream.

Off-Topic Snake Story (ladies?)

Ladies love the snek

The snakes help women like nothing else in our culture can,” Londin Angel Winters, who holds these ceremonies in Venice, CA, tells Bustle. “They carry the medicine of unapologetic feminine power. Just stepping up to the ceremony forces you to confront your relationship with your own sensuality and embodied power.”