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Diamondbacks 1, Giants 2: Gigante Cocktailcap

TGIF everyone!!! Work week is over, and my no-beer no-carb diet is almost at an end as well. 15lbs down and I’ve gotta say, this Keto thing is quite effective. So here we go, one last recap without suds.

Clydeside Distillery Opens In Glasgow
Scotchy scotch scotch.
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Cocktail 1: La Croix and whiskey

  • Yea, I know, it’s kinda boring with this diet limiting the variety you are all used to reading about. So bear with me just one more time.
  • Threw out my back and my lovely GF is nursing me back to health with her godlike cooking. Seriously; a diet under her watch is easy to follow. She’d make cardboard taste delectable.
  • On that note Corbin looks to be cooking with gas in the 1st with a delectable 1-2-3 inning. Sure as hell hoping we see more of those tonight....and for the remainder of the season.
  • Into the 2nd after Goldy allllllmmmmmmmooooooost launched a solo shot in right field. Goldy’s June just further proves His demigod-like stature among fellow followers of His will. For through his might we shall know glory. Amen.
  • I shouldn’t compliment Corbin, or any of our pitchers for that matter, early in games. For Posey strikes early with a double to open the frame and he’s then driven home. 0-1 Gigantes.
  • Marte, being a scientist of sorts, seeks to test the tensile strength of the netting down the 3rd base line. Luckily that netting seems to have saved several fans from a close encounter with lumber. Marte takes off his lab coat and retires back to the dugout at the conclusion of this experiment.
  • CO’s pool cue down the 3rd base line that some how stays fair, is followed up by Lamb’s tapper, leading to CO almost overrunning second, leading to Mathis.....grounding into a force-out at 3rd. Another inning and yet another tease by our offense. Gahhh!!

Cocktail 2: Macallan 12yr

  • Gotta finish off my liquor cabinet as the return to beer lingers. Shame to finish this fine spirit off. Love scotch, and though I do love the peaty scotch far more, there’s something to be said for the great smoothness that is Macallan.
  • Mom just texted me “If we got tickets to Dbacks for the 4th could you join us?” I feverishly type back “Yea!” (thinking they already got tickets) Then she’s like “Can you get some great tickets that will pay for?” To which I was like “Ummm...sure!”
  • Marte’s experiments have moved to more frustrating avenues as he explores the difficulties in hitting a bases loaded RBI at a ball WAY out of the zone. Yet another tease of an inning and Marte once again retreats to the dugout with taking off his lab coat and putting away his beakers.
  • So here we are, in the 4th, and I just bought $630 worth of 4th of July tickets at my parent’s behest. Today is a good day, but this game is frustrating with it’s lack of production. What isn’t frustrating is this D. Corbin and many of our other starters have been fine, but it’s everyone behind them, and in the case of Mathis just now, in front of them that has made this team. Seriously, I can’t begin to overstate how awe inspiring our defense is this year compared to last. It’s season changing.
  • Another inning and another lack of runs. Blessedly the Gigantes are following much the same trend, but my night could sure use some excitement outside of rustling up some tickets and sipping on scotch. 0-1 going in to the bottom the 6th.
  • Marte, having grown weary of his mad scientist act, decides to just hit as he laces a double to start the bottom half of the 6th. Sometimes the best science is the I’m not a flat-earther.
  • Science be praised! Instant replay saves an Owings hit and we suddenly got runners on the corner and no outs. Sac fly ties it up and I’m officially no longer bored. 1-1
  • Walker “Arizona” Ranger takes Corbin spot for what will likely be the end of the inning, yes I’m daring him to prove me wrong.
  • Nope, I predicted correctly, but at least we get out of the 6th with a tie. I can live with that.
  • Can’t live with Chafin giving up the tie with a lead-off walk swiftly followed by a double. No amount of killer defense was gonna undo that. 1-2 Giants

Cocktail 3: Dictador 20yr Rum

  • Yoshi, as usual, defends our honor while I pour this last (hopefully) drink. An inning that seemed like it could spiral into disaster is saved yet again by the Japanese phenom. Banzai!
  • Still nothing doing in the bottom of the 7th, but Salas keeps it a game in the 8th and we still got two more chances to turn this in to a W.
  • Couldn’t score in the 8th and now we’re down to our last bullet in the bottom of the 9th. Our hopes start with Lamb as he takes on Will Smith. No, it’s not Independence Day just yet.
  • Lamb and Mathis come up empty and it’s now up to JRM to bring home the bacon......but it wasn’t meant to be. Giants win. Game Over.

Roll Call!!!!!

  • smartplays: 44
  • shoewizard: 42
  • edbigghead: 42
  • GuruB: 39
  • hotclaws: 37
  • MikeMono: 28
  • BobDolio: 24
  • coldblueAZ: 23

Comment of the game goes to Shoewizard, as he touches on what I visited upon in this article: defense.


The irony of Olberman’s idiotic tweet that night is that it’s precisely Fundamentals that have propelled this team to the record they have……greater than the sum of the parts and all that.

Night all!. Not the game I was hoping for, but perhaps the game I deserved. Stay strong, stay cool and go Dbacks!!!

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Pride: Patrick Corbin, +23.0%
Unproud: Andrew Chafin, -20.0%
Unproud Lite: Mathis, -18.0%; Lamb, -13.3%; Peralta, -12.3%

Full list of GDTers: BobDolio, DORRITO, DeadManG, Gilbertsportsfan, GuruB, Jim McLennan, Johnneu, Makakilo, Michael McDermott, MikeMono, MrMrrbi, aldma, coldblueAZ, edbigghead, gamepass, hotclaws, kilnborn, lildbackfan21x, shoewizard, smartplays. We’ll be back tomorrow for an evening game, with Shelby Miller starting for Arizona - it’s also SnakePitFest at SnakePit Towers, so the recap may be...delayed. :)