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Monday Memes 6/25: Karma is a *****

Suck it, Pirates.

After years of dealing with the Pirates and their bullshit practice of “retaliation” and “pitching inside”, there is no sweeter retribution than a 4 game sweep in their own home. And then we get another (wtf?) 4 game series with the Marlins. After sweeping the Pirates in the ocean, it’s time to go fishing for some more wins.

Put it this way: the Pirates were so bad that Alex “Mr. 28 wRC+” homered and doubled in the same game. Yeah, suck it, Pirates.

He did it to this guy:

Ah, that series felt good. Hell, this entire month has felt good!

This 4 game series with the Pirates has made me already forget the series with the Angels. That was a tough, well-fought series by both teams. And led to an awesome meme:

What memes are you bringing to this week’s fish fry?