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Snake Bytes 6/25: Allowing Six Runs = Four Game Sweep

Diamondbacks pitching allowed a meager 6 runs over 4 days to sweep the Pirates.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Diamondbacks 3, Pirates 0

May seems like a month ago, mostly because it was. The Diamondbacks may have gotten back on track after a dreadful May by beating up on the Reds and Marlins a few weeks ago. This time it is the Pirates and Marlins, and it would be beautiful to beat up on Miami this next time too. Clay Buchholz pitched 5 shutout innings with only 53 pitches. But now is experiencing tightness in his left side. “Tightness” in baseball speak usually means the DL. But today Shelby Miller will be back. After a forgettable 2016, he seemed poised to rebound in ‘17. Tommy John surgery ended that, but today he will begin his response to 2 very difficult years for him. If Miller is fine and Robbie Ray returns soon, any tightness for Buchholz will be handled.

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D-backs Farm Rumblings: Ray, Delgado Close to MLB Returns

Remember Randall Delgado? He pitched 3 innings and took a loss and blown save. But more importantly, he pitched 3 innings. He was big during the D-backs first half last season and will hopefully help this ‘18 team in the second half.

Like Warner, Goldschmidt Overcame Adversity Without a Complaint

With all due respect for Dan Bickley, his analogy isn’t a fair one. At least to Kurt Warner. Goldy went through a slump that happens in baseball. Kurt Warner was benched and signed with the Cardinals as a potential backup QB before getting his chance and leading the team to a Super Bowl and cementing his Hall of Fame credentials. It is true that neither of them are whiners, I’ll give Dan that.

Around MLB

Edwin Jackson Set to Match Octavio Dotel’s MLB Record by Playing for 13th Team

It was 8 years ago today he pitched a box score marvel. It took 149 pitches to give up 0 runs, 0 hits, and 8 walks. This was a close game too, ending at 1-0 win over the Rays. Once you get to 13 teams, it probably stops being a knock on you to bounce around in a career. An impressive feat.

MLB Power Rankings: Who Tops the NL

CBS Sports have the Diamondbacks ranked number 5, which tops the NL. Might be generous, but I’ll take it.