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D-backs 2, Pirates 1: Cigar/Whiskey Cap

Well, my last foray in to a beer-less recap was......dangerously fun. Time to pump the breaks a bit as I write to you now from Churchill’s Fine Cigar Bar with a fine scotch in hand.

The Julius Erving Golf Classic Presented by Delta Air Lines With Cocktails Presented by Tanqueray No. TEN. Produced by PGD Global Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images for PGD Global

With my newly trimmed beard and likewise haircut, I find myself perfectly ready for this east coast game. Let us begin...

Drink/Cigar Pairing 1: Tatuaje TAA Exclusive & High West Double Rye

  • Regretably my beard trim ended up being flawed, though my haircut just fine. Guess I should only trust my beard to thyself. Sigh
  • Not quite the first inning fireworks of last night, but blessedly I have a fine whiskey and an even better cigar to guide me through a long game should that be in store.
  • On that note there’ll be no shots this time around, sorry all. That was a special kind of stupid I engineered for the last game I wrote on. Nope, after a long week and questionable beard trim I need a chill afternoon. Sorry all.
  • First time writing from a cigar bar, may have to make this a reoccurring thing going forward. Though the muted crowd of middle age captains of industry gibbering on about the weather and odd gossip is ...meh.
  • No blood in the 1st and Corbin looks ok, if a little erratic.
  • Nova appears to be comfortable as well. Guess it was too much to hope for our bats to remain white hot two games in a row. Might end up being a two cigar kind of afternoon, not necessarily a bad thing.

Drink/Cigar Pairing 2: Same cigar/ Braiddilach Islay

  • Can’t even begin to pronounce the name of this scotch, but that sometimes makes it better. A Goldy RBI in the 3rd would have made it excellent, but the-other-Marte seeks to crush my increasingly good mood. 0-0 going in to the bottom of the 3rd.
  • Corbin is throwing really filthy shit right now. Unhittable junk. Yea his velocity is down, but if he keeps batters looking that befuddled, then I can live with it.
  • Nova continues to cruise as well, but man o man Corbin with 9k’s through 4 innings is in kill mode right now. Woe betide any mortal who comes to bat against him now.
  • Nova doesn’t have the Ks Corbin has, but he’s just as dominant through 6. And here I was hoping for fireworks.
  • Can’t even begin to overstate enough how wildly improved our defense is this season, and how it’s been so essential to Corbin’s game today despite his own dominance. Dyson, and just now in the 6th, Goldy have robbed a few hits today.

Drink 3: MACALLAN 12yr. No cigar, as I’ve returned home.

  • While I drove home Yoshi did what Yoshi does: yet another scoreless inning of relief. Luckily Nova’s night is over along with Corbin, but can our bats awake?
  • Nope. Goldy and Peralta tease us, but still no runs. Bottom of the 9th dawns and will it find Boxberger waiting?
  • Guess I guessed wrong. It’s Archie who’s gonna take the mound. I’m seriously gonna write him to see where he gets his beard trimmed. I yearn for the steady hand of a true beard barber.
  • 11th. It’s the 11th. I need runs. Please.
  • My prayers are answered thanks to some ....creative throwing to 1st by the Pirates leading to Lamb hustling in from 2nd. 1-0 Dbacks in the 11th.
  • Boxberger shows himself after my misfire earlier this article. He needs no time at all to misfire himself as he walks the 1st two batters. FML
  • Lamb compounds this inning of fail with a questionable throw home. Uggghhh. Dreams of getting Machado whirl through my head..... 1-1
  • By the grace of Buddha we get out of the 11th, but bring no-one over the plate in the 12th. Thus I endure more free baseball.
  • Chafin get’s out of a 12th inning jam of sorts and we have MORE baseball. HURRAH!!!!!!!!!
  • MARTE!!!! Brings home a run in the 13th and I’m beginning to hope my tired fingers can stop their ceaseless work.
  • We win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great game, amazing pitching and lots of luck saw us through.

Gameday Roll Cal!!!

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“You mean, April Corbin rearing its pretty head today”

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Curse of the Black Pearl: Ketel Marte, +47.7%
Dead Man's Chest: Corbin, +44.3%; McFarland, +20.0%;
Salas/Bradley/Chafin, +13.8%; Hirano +10.7%
Dead Men Tell No Tales: Brad Boxberger, -30.0%
On Stranger Tides: Mathis, -21.2% Peralta, -19.7%; Goldschmidt, -14.5%; Murphy, -12.0%

Well, I’m sure we’ll all sleep well tonight. It’s right back at it again tomorrow, with the D-backs getting their first of two cracks at winning the series. Zack Greinke gets the start, and we’ll all be hoping he goes deep into the game. First pitch is at 1:05pm Arizona time, so it’s almost not worth the team leaving the ballpark.